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  • How many test cases are managed ?
  • How many tests are executed automatically ?
  • What is the test coverage of a test campaign ?
  • How many test are executed ?


  • Test coverage: Number tests with a status ok / total number
  • Automation Rate: Number of automated tests / total number of tests
  • Test execution: Number of executed tests during the period
  • Automatic Test Execution: Number of automated tests executed for the period
  • Number of Test Cases: Number of test cases defined



The following dimensions are supported:

  • Project
  • Wave
  • Test Plans




Test coverage (Quality) 

  • Percentage of successful manual and automatic tests execution
  • Measurement : Test Coverage


Tests execution (Velocity)

  • Number of tests (manual and automatic) executed.
  • Measurements: Test Execution


Tests Automation Rate (Quality)

  • Number of automated tests executed
  • Measurements: Automation Test Execution
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