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The purpose of this page is to provide a central access for customers to troubleshooting information for Business Process Operations in Solution Manager 7.2.


The information in this page and its sub-pages does not replace SAP Notes! If you experience issues with the tools for BPOps, always search for SAP Notes on component "SV-SMG-MON-BPM" and its sub-components. Troubleshooting on this page and its sub-pages is restricted to issues that are NOT caused by coding errors but by configuration errors, infrastructure errors etc.

Additionally, the pages are continuously updated based on new issues that have been identified.


The SAP Solution Manager tools available for Business Process Operations use complex infrastructures and have to be configured correctly to provide the intended benefit. Often, problems in the setup or usage of these tools are caused by missing configuration steps or incomplete prerequisites in the technical infrastructure. To facilitate troubleshooting for such cases, below you find the links to sub-pages for each of the tools relevant for Business Process Operations. You can use the information provided here to identify such missing configuration steps or gaps in the technical prerequisites.

If the information listed in the pages below does not solve your problem, please open an incident on the SAP components mentioned in each respective sub-page.






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