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This documentation is intended for usage by SAP developers in the customer development projects, who is developing the Reporting functionality on the top of the MAI infrastructure and looking for the uniform API and single source of truth for the monitoring data. The provided scope of the functionality is constantly updated and the new features can be requested. For example, new key figures, characteristics, filters, measures etc.


Business process Monitoring and Application Monitoring in Solution Manager collects a lot of monitoring data regarding the system landscape and the business processes. This data is stored in the different tables\info providers with heterogeneous structure and monstrous APIs. The purpose of this functionality is to provide standardized and performance efficient access to this data for subsequent consumption in the end-user applications, for example, OData, WebService, FPM, RFM etc. The used data is extracted from MAI, LMDB, DMD(version 7.1), SMUD(version for 7.2), CDC(version 7.2 ) and BPMon.


The functionality available and supported in the following releases:

  • SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP12 and above 
    • DMD dimensions are supported
  • SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP03 and above
    • SMUD dimensions are supported
    • CDC key figures are supported from SP05 and above ( down port to SP03 is possible on demand)

Consumption in the customer project

Central Catalog API

All data requests in the API are placed against the catalog object:

  data lo_catalog     type ref to if_ags_bpm_rep_cat.

      " Get the key figure catalog
      lo_catalog = cl_ags_bpm_rep_service=>get_key_figure_catalog( ).

Use the key figure catalog object to get the key figure object using the unique key figure id:

  data lo_kf          type ref to if_ags_bpm_rep_key_figure.
  constants cs_kf     like if_ags_bpm_rep_key_figure=>cs_id-alert_group value if_ags_bpm_rep_key_figure=>cs_id-alert_group.

      "Get the key figure by the unique key figure ID: In this case it is the "Number of Alert Groups"
      lo_kf = lo_catalog->get_key_figure(
          iv_key_figure_id =     cs_kf-num_al_grp

For the list of supported key figures, their meaning and constants look into the key figure catalog.

The key figure can be queried using the following call:

  data lr_data        type ref to data.

  field-symbols <t_data> type standard table.

        ls_sfc-chanm = cl_ags_bpm_rep_kfg_abs=>c_in_chars-c0sm_mon_obj_id.
        append ls_sfc to lt_sfc.
        clear ls_sfc.

        ls_range-chanm = cl_ags_bpm_rep_kfg_abs=>c_in_chars-c0sm_date.
        ls_range-compop = 'BT'.
        ls_range-sign   = 'I'.
        ls_range-low    = '20140101'.
        ls_range-high   = '20160101'.
        append ls_range to lt_range.
        clear ls_range.

        ls_range-chanm = cl_ags_bpm_rep_kfg_abs=>c_in_chars-c0sm_mon_obj_id.
        ls_range-compop = 'MX'.
        ls_range-sign   = 'I'.
        ls_range-low    = '10'.
        append ls_range to lt_range.
        clear ls_range.

        " Get the data
            it_sfc        = lt_sfc
            it_range      = lt_range
            et_data       = lr_data

Key Figure catalog

Supported key figures(the list is not complete, right now more like the example):

Key Figure NameUoMConstantDescription
Alert Groups based key figures
Average Duration of the Alert Groups until confirmationmin
Number of the Alert Groups#
Count the number of the alert groups
Events based key figures
Last Rating of the Events






Find the last rating of the event if several events are grouped choose the worst rating

Supported characteristics

DimensionConstantDescriptionABAP TypeExample
Monitoring Object ID MAI monitoring Object IDAC_GUID005056836AD61ED58BD7926B6A082C51
Solution Solution GUIDAC_GUID005056836AD61ED58BD7926B6A082C51
Business process Process GUIDAC_GUID005056836AD61ED58BD7926B6A082C51
Business process step/interface Process step GUID or Process Interface GUIDAC_GUID005056836AD61ED58BD7926B6A082C51
Technical Scenario
Job Monitoring Technical Scenario Job Monitoring Technical Scenario IDDIAGLS_TECH_SCEN_NAMEJM_DSS_327
Interface Monitoring Technical Scenario Interface Monitoring Technical Scenario IDDIAGLS_IDHCI_Scenario~INTER_MON

Date and Time

Date Date YYYYMMDDDATUM20120103
Week Week YYYYNNCHAR06201205
Month Month YYYYMMCHAR06201202
Timestamp Data and Time YYYYMMDDHHMMSSTIMESTAMP20150102100000

All dimensions support the TopN filter condition:

        ls_range-chanm = cl_ags_bpm_rep_kfg_abs=>c_in_chars-c0sm_mon_obj_id.
        ls_range-compop = 'MX'.
        ls_range-sign   = 'I'.
        ls_range-low    = '10'.
        append ls_range to lt_range.
        clear ls_range.

which is used in order to limit the number of the records sent back by API. Only one TopN condition can be supplied in the single API call.

How to find out the key figure ID in the SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2

Go to the transaction SM_WORKCENTER:

  1. Open Business Process Monitoring(new) work center
  2. Open the link Setup Dashboards
  3. Press button Add 
  4. Search for the key figures using the search string "MAI.*

For example, Number of Alert Groups corresponding KF ID: ALERTS/NUM_AL_GRP. 

How to find out the key figure ID in the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 only

Go to the transaction SM_WORKCENTER:

  1. Find the Dashboard Builder Configuration tile
  2. Open the tile
  3. Create a new Dashboard Tile or select existing one

  1. Go to the tile configuration screen
  2. Choose the data source "Business Process Monitoring"
  3. Press F4 help in the field "Data Source Name"

  1. Browse the catalog for the key figure which fits your need
  2. You can see the technical key figure ID right below the key figure description

For example, for the ABAP Job Duration in the Metric Cube, the corresponding KF ID is JOBMON/AJOB_H/MG_JOB_MON_MAX_DURAT. 

Usage Examples

Typical consumption pattern of the API in the consumer application

Example for the Last rating of the collection run

Example for ABAP Job Duration

Example for Total Number of Messages for Application Log Monitor

Example for Number of ABAP Dumps created

Example for CCMS Monitor

Further Information

Assistance from SAP during Implementation 

In case you need assistance during the implementation of these APIs, SAP can help you either via your premium service engagement (contact your TQM) or via expertise on demand

Related SAP Notes/KBAs

SAP Solution Manager 7.1 from SP12: SAP Note 2059910: MAI connector for BPO dashboards: Cumulative note

SAP Solution Manager 7.2 from SP03: SAP Note 2341333 - Cumulative Correction Note for the Business Process Monitoring data source in the Dashboard Builder 7.2 SP03 and upward


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