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Working with Fiori Frontend Server

When working with Fiori applications the SAP Fiori Front-End Server can be deployed in a system landscape as a hub connected to SAP S/4HANA (and SAP Business Suite on HANA) systems.

In this scenario :

  • The SAP Fiori UIs are decoupled from the backend system (separate shipment)
  • The SAP Fiori Front-End Server offers a central deployment of the UIs and a central enablement of OData access to S/4HANA and other SAP application backend systems
  • The Fiori Apps are deployed in separate systems (UIs in the Front-End server, related OData services in the backend systems)

This means that the Logical Component Groups (LCG) defined for the SAP S/4HANA system and used to determine the technical systems are not sufficient. The S/4HANA LCG directly points to the SAP S/4HANA ABAP applications system. This is fine for classic executable types such as transactions, reports, etc. Navigation to a Fiori application is not possible using the direct S/4HANA ABAP server endpoint as it is maintained in the logical components comprised in logical component group for S/4HANA. 



Fiori applications communicate via a Fiori Frontend Server with the S/4HANA backend system. To enable navigation via SAP Solution Manager an additional LCG for the Fiori Frontend Server is required. This LCG will not be used actively in SAP Solution Manager process management. If you want to document a Fiori application you would still use the S4HANA LCG. The LCG for the Fiori Frontend Server is only used for technical reasons to determine navigation endpoints of Fiori applications. 

In case a Fiori Frontend Server is used, you need to define a mapping between the S/4HANA  and the corresponding Fiori Frontend Server LCG. In this example the LCG for S/4HANA is called "S4HANA" and the LCG for the Fiori Frontend Server is called "S4HANA_F". The mapping between the two LCGs is established using a BAdI implementation of BAdI BADI_SMUDE_ADMIN_CENTRAL_SYST. The mapping allows the system to use the alternative S4HANA_F LCG for Fioris instead of the classic S4HANA LCG.

The BAdI implementation is not complicated and could look like this:

METHOD if_smude_admin_central_syst~get_central_system.
    IF   i_solution                 EQ '051MWsLH7jM}bWTH0Dgr4G'			" ID of Solution
    AND  i_logical_component_group  EQ 'ABIFNA3FKEPNLP4WBQKEXYEVCU'.	" ID of S/4HANA classic LCG
		 e_logical_component_group  =  'ABIFNA3FKEPNLP4WBX56XHMVCY'.	" ID of Fiori Frontend LCG
      e_logical_component_group     = i_logical_component_group.

For the BAdI implementation you need to use the ID of the solution and the IDs of the LCGs. You can enable/disable the solution administration UI to show the IDs with report "RSMUD_SOLADM_NODE_INFO" as of SP06. In older SPs you can finde the IDs in the following tables:

  • @parameter i_solution | Solution GUID as in field SLAN_ID of table SLAN_HEADER
  • @parameter i_branch | Branch GUID as in field ROOT_OCC of table SMUD_ROOT_NODE_H
  • @parameter i_logical_component_group | Logical component group GUID as in field NAME of table LMDB_LC_HD_T

Finally you need to define the object types relevant for this BAdI implementation.

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  1. Hi Wulff-Heinrich,

    We have solman 7.2 sp05 and st-ser720 sp008.  I don't see the rsmud_soladm_node_info report in se38 or table tadir.  Looked for a note on the report but there is none.  Could you give us the source code for the report?

    Thank you.

    Kind regards,


  2. Hi Aldo,

    ups - the report will come in one of the upcoming SPSs. Sorry for the wrong information.

    But you can also find the IDs easily in the tables:

      "! @parameter i_solution | Solution GUID as in field SLAN_ID of table SLAN_HEADER

      "! @parameter i_branch | Branch GUID as in field ROOT_OCC of table SMUD_ROOT_NODE_H

      "! @parameter i_logical_component_group | Logical component group GUID as in field NAME of table LMDB_LC_HD_T

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers, Wulff


  3. Thank you for your quick reply!!!

  4. Hi Wulff, thansks for the blog, thanks to above explanation we got the SOLDOC working fine with the FIORI Front end Server in a HUB. I hope you don't mind if ask a couple questions, I still have one more thing to integrate to SOLDOC, in this process step we have two executables, one executes a FIORI app and when we click it, it opens correctly the front end url and the other, is a standard abap Tx wich in our implementation model (full fiori) should be executed in the fiori lauchpad, the url could be called similar to
    https://<webdispatcher hostname>:44300/sap/bc/ui2/flp?sap-client=XXX&sap-language=ES#Shell-startGUI?sap-system=<BACKEND ALIAS>&sap-ui2-tcode=VA01
    I hope you can take some time to analize this, in the meantime I'll try to see if ithe mentioned badi mentioned I can put WEBdisp LCG and see if it works.
    Kind regards,
  5. Hi Pablo,

    please don't forget to maintain the filter values for the BAdI. They will make the BAdI only called for Fiori object types (last screenshot of my description above). All other types should not be treated by the BAdI.

    Cheers, Wulff

  6. Hi Wulff, thanks for the quick response, is there any plan by SAP to deploy some "badi"  similar to this, so we are able to call ABAP Tx en frio from Solman?



  7. Hi Pablo,

    we don't need a different BAdI for this. Apply BAdI filter values (types EXECFIORILOGCOMP, REF_EXECFIORILOGCOMP, and REF_EXECFIORILOGCOMP_TS) so that the BAdI implementation is not called for other types than the ones defined in the filter. In this case the LCG switch would be performed for the FIORI relates types but NOT for all others.

    In your example the BAdI implementation would be called for the Fioris but not for the transaction.

    Cheers, Wulff


    1. Former Member

      Hi Wulff, thanks, and that is working perfect for us, but what about if we need to use that GUI apps called from soldoc? So far we could not find a way to test our GUI apps running in Fiori Launchpad.

      I hope you can help us finding a way to solve this, Do you think creating an OSS message would be more suitable? I don't want to deviate the conversation.



  8. Hi Wulff-Heinrich,

    I can not see technical ID fields. How can I make them visible? I couldn't find a way.

    Kind Regards,