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Welcome to "SAP Solution Manager - Security and Authorizations" Wiki

This is the SAP Wiki of SAP Solution Manager Security and Authorizations. It should complement the Security Guide for SAP Solution Manager (see below) which is the central Guide for SAP Solution Manager Authorizations. Keep in mind that this SDN Wiki is primarily valid for SAP Solution Manager as of release 7.1.

Latest Documentations
  • Solution Operations Guides SAP Solution Manager 7.1
    Source: -> SAP Components -> SAP Solution Manager -> <current release> -> Operations
  • Page:
    FAQ0003 — What does SAP mean with "Work center navigation roles" and what is the difference to "authorization roles"?
  • Page:
    FAQ0002 — Does SAP Solution Manager support SU22/SU24?
  • Page:
    FAQ0001 — How to perform an authorization trace (ST01) in Solution Manager Workcenters?
  • Page:
    TBL0002 — Related Links: Double entries in a Workcenter
  • Page:
    TBL0001 — Incorrect worcenters visible although the correct workcenter navigation roles are assigned to the user
Feedback Area
  • If you recognize some incorrect information on this Wiki space "SMAUTH", don't hesitate to give us feedback about it. On each page of this Wiki, you can use the "Comments" tab to write some feedback. Only with your help we can keep this Wiki space up to date and improve its content!
  • SAP Solution Manager Authorization Concept is a wide-ranging topic since it has to cover all scenarios and functions of SAP Solution Manager. If you see space for improvement, please help us to recognize your wishes. Please find the following feedback document and send the filled document back to us:

    Feedback Questionnaire
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