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Object Description


With authorization object B_USERSTAT you protect the setting or deletion of user status in the general status management of orders, projects, network plans, and so on.

This authorization object is only checked during the direct setting or deletion of the user status in the status maintenance screen (SAPLBSVA 0300/0302) or in the dialog box of the user status maintenance (SAPLBSVA 0201).

Defined fields

The authorization object checks the following fields:

  • STSMA Status Profile
  • OBTYP Object Category
  • BERSL Authorization key (of the user status in question)
  • ACTVT Activity
    To set or delete a particular user status you must have saved the authorization for the combination of object type/status schema/authorization key/activity in your user master.
    The field "Activity" is set by the system depending on the action to be performed.
    Possible values:
    • 01: set
    • 06: delete
Specific Use Cases
  • Page:
    UC00039 — Status Change for Incident Messages after using the "Reply" function
  • Page:
    UC00043 — Control access to "Approval Prodedure" in Request for Change
  • Page:
    UC00044 — Control ability to approve Request for Change
  • Page:
    UC00030 — How to organize the Change of the Status for a Request for Change
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