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Object Description


The authorization object CRM_TXT_ID is checked when text processing is called in SAP CRM component. This object controls the display and editing of texts in SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM). The amount of texts that a user with a corresponding user profile can display and edit can be limited by assigning the appropriate authorization. .

The object is used in Service Desk in the following cases:

  • Service Desk used in Workcenter
  • Service Desk External Interace
  • Service Desk in GUI with activated BADI

In classical SAP GUI the authorization object is not checked.

Defined fields

The authorization object contains the following fields:

  • TEXTOBJECT Texts Application Object
    Enter the text object for which the user has authorization. A text ID can only be uniquely identified in combination with a text object (in standard CRM_ORDERH).
  • TEXTID Text ID
    Specify the text IDs for the standard texts for which the user has authorization. The text ID is a part of the text key in the database.
  • ACTVT Activity
    Specify the activity for which the user has authorization:
    • 02: gives authorization to edit standard texts
    • 03: gives authorization to display standard texts
Specific Use Cases
  • Page:
    UC00020 — Section "Queries" and "Reports" not visible in Workcenter "Incident Management"
  • Page:
    UC00037 — Save description in Service Desk Message
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