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Today’s distributed, multi-technology customer solutions offer multi-channel access through diverse devices and client applications. Analyzing the root cause of an incident in such systems requires a systematic top-down approach. This approach must be guided by tools that help customers to perform this analysis as efficiently as possible, following SAP best practices.

The objective of Root Cause Analysis is to identify and provide:

  • Immediate corrective action (workaround) to restore service operations as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to end users by isolating the area of concern
  • Complete solution to the issue at hand
    Root Cause Analysis tools are designed to reduce the number of resources in each step of the resolution process.

In addition, the Root Cause Analysis infrastructure is open to the integration of new SAP technologies, applications and third-party software.

Authorization Objects and Use Cases

If you are interested in all use cases existing for SAP Solution Manager you can just navigate to our Use Case Overview.

There are no undefined authorization objects in standard roles that are delivered by SAP for this scenario.

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