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Object Description


The authorization object S_DOKU_AUT is required for the maintenance of online documentation (F1 help texts and online books). No special documentation authorization is required for editing technical documentation (e.g. function modules and their parameters, domains).

Defined fields

The authorization object checks the following fields:

  • DOKU_ACT Editing status
    This specifies the processing status in which documentation can be created.
    Possible values:
    • RAW_VERS: Documentation modules in raw status are not transported. There is a profile for documentation in raw status, system-wide, across all packages (S_DOKU_RAW).
    • FINAL_VERS: Documentation modules in final status are automatically activated when transported. This value includes "RAW_VERS".
    • ACTIVATE: Aktivation by hand is necessary in the repair system. This value includes "FINAL_VERS" and "RAW_VERS".
  • DOKU_DEVCL Package for which docu. auth. has been assigned
    All the packages in the system are valid. Generic values can be entered (right-justified).
    Avoid combinations of areas and individual values, as such a profile is difficult to manage.
  • DOKU_MODE Authorization to maintain, translate
    These specify the processing type with which the documentation maintenance transaction can be called.
    Possible value:
Specific Use Cases

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