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Object Description


Authorization object S_FOBU_MTH is required for implementing methods using the Formula Builder.
For example, these can be methods of a BAdI implementation, but also other applications of the Formula Builder.

Defined fields

The authorization object checks the following fields:

  • ACTVT Activity
    Operations that a user is allowed to execute.
    Possible values:
    • 01: Create
    • 02: Change
    • 03: Display
    • 06: Delete
  • DEVCLASS Package
    Package for which a user is allowed to implement methods using the Formula Builder. The formulas themselves are not assigned to any package, but here the package of the interface for which a method is to be implemented is checked.
    Example: If the authorization for package KAUF is assigned, a user can implement methods for all interfaces that are provided for this by the SAP application in the package KAUF (cost accounting orders). Methods for interfaces of other applications (for example, HR), however, must not be implemented.
    This entry in no way means that programs or other objects from the package KAUF (SAP Standard) may be changed. Only formulas (customer-specific objects) that implement the enhancements provided by the SAP standard system in the package KAUF can be created and changed.
Specific Use Cases

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