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Object Description


Object S_PROJECT is used to restrict access to projects and activities in project.
This object will be checked in all native project transactions like

  • SOLAR01
  • SOLAR02
  • STWB_2
    also in the Workcenter and all project value helps

Defined fields

  • PROJECT_ID Project name
    This field contains the project IDs which the user should have authorization for.
  • APPL_COMP Application component to which the project is assigned
    This field is not relevant for Customizing projects.
    This field is not used in SAP Solution Manager
  • ACTVT Project activity
    Possible values:
    • 02: Change a project. This refers in particular to administrative activities and changes to the project structure
    • 03: Display a project, status information and appendend documents
    • 06: Delete an entire project
    • 23: Maintain - In contrast to activity 02 these changes refer to the objects in a project structure. The project structure itself cannot be changed. This activity is not checked in customizing and development projects
    • 71: Analyze a project
    • 76: Create - Edit project documents. You may require additional authorizations depending on the document repository
    • 78: Assign team members to the nodes in the project structure. This activity is not checked in customizing projects
    • A3: Change status, planned data, actual data and resources, and assignment of keywords and memos. In customizing projects, this activity includes the assignment of team members to nodes
  • PROJ_CONF Confidential activity flag
    If this field is 'X', confidential project activities are also displayed.
    This field is not relevant for customizing projects.
    This field is not used in SAP Solution Manager


The most important authorization objects for project management are:

  • S_PROJ_GEN (general project functions, such as cross-system maintenance (SYST))
  • S_PROJECT (project work)
  • S_PROJECTS (project administration)
    For detailed documentation for individual authorization objects, call the documentation in the authorization maintenance.

These authorizations are in the following individual roles:
SAP_SOL_PROJ_ADMIN_ALL (full authorization)
SAP_SOL_PROJ_ADMIN_DIS (display authorization)

Note: You must adjust the roles according to your requirements.


The system administrator creates the system landscape for your project. The project manager maintains all other data for the project in project management. Your system administrator should not have access to other project data than the system landscape. They should use the value SYST for S_PROJECT 03 and S_PROJ_GEN.

Further notes

For a complete overview of all the roles available in Solution Manager, see SAP Service Marketplace -> SAP Components -> SAP Solution Manager -> Solution Manager Security Guide.

You can view delta changes made to the roles in the Excel file attached to SAP Note 834534.

Specific Use Cases
  • Page:
    UC00010 — How to display Projects in Workcenter Test Management -> Test Preparation
  • Page:
    UC00004 — Restrict project list and access to projects in SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN
  • Page:
    UC00025 — Side effects with S_PROJECT (S_PROJ_GEN, S_CTS_ADMI)
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