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Object Description


Authorization object S_PROJ_GEN is required to perform various implementation and development project administration functions.

Defined fields

  • PROJECT_ID Name of the project
  • PROJ_FUNC Project administration functions
    Possible values:
    • SCEN Select scenarios and lock blueprint in Solution Manager projects
    • SYST Assign instances and logical systems to the logical components in Solution Manager projects
    • MIG Migration of ValueSAP Ed. 2 QADB into Solution Manager projects
    • You can still restrict to the following values for the field PROJ_FUNC:
      • GLOB -> Change structure despite global attribute lock (e.g. in SOLAR02 -> Change Global Elements)
      • CTPR -> Assign change request to a Solution Manager project
      • QCAD -> Assign Quality Center project (only if you use SAP Quality Center by HP)
        Use in project administration (SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN): Edit -> Connection to HP Quality Center.
      • QCPU -> Send data to Quality Center project (only if you use SAP Quality Center by HP)
        Use in Business Blueprint (SOLAR01): Business Blueprint -> Send Data to Quality Center.
      • TLCR -> Create task list
    • You can restrict the field PROJECT_ID (project name) in the possible entries help for the field.

S_PROJ_GEN can be used in the project administration with the authorization object S_PROJECT.

Specific Use Cases
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