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Object Description


With this authorization object S_RS_COMP1, you can restrict query component authorization with regards to the owner. This authorization object is always checked in conjunction with the authorization object S_RS_COMP.

Defined fields

The object contains four fields:

  • RSZCOMPID Name (ID) of a reporting component
    determines which components (according to name) are allowed to be edited by the user
  • RSZCOMPTP Type of reporting component
    determines which component types are allowed to be edited by the user
    • Calculated key figure (Type = CKF)
    • Restricted key figure (Type = RKF)
    • Structure (Type = STR)
    • Query (Type = REP)
    • Variable (Type = VAR)
  • RSZOWNER Reporting component owner
    determines whose components are allowed to be edited by the user
  • ACTVT Activity
    determines whether the user
    • is allowed to change a component (Activity = 02)
    • is allowed to display a component (Activity = 03)
    • is allowed to delete a component (Activity = 06)
Specific Use Cases
  • Page:
    UC00001 — Incorrect Call of OLAP layer CL_RSR_OLAP error in BW-BEX-ET
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