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Object Description


Using authorization object S_RS_HIER you can restrict the working with hierarchies in the Data Warehousing Workbench.

Defined fields

The authorization object checks the following fields:

  • RSIOBJNM InfoObject
    You enter the key of the InfoObject here for which a user is allowed to edit hierarchies.
  • RSHIENM Hierarchy name
    Enter the name of the hierarchies that a user is allowed to edit.
  • ACTVT Activity
    Possible values:
    • 03: Display
    • 23: Maintain
    • 71: display data along the hierarchy
  • RSVERSION Hierarchy version
    Enter to which version of the hierarchy the authorization refers here.


If you want a user to maintain all hierarchies for the InfoObject 0COSTCENTER, assign him or her the following authorizations:

  • InfoObject: 0COSTCENTER
  • Hierarchy Name: *
  • Activity: 23
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