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Object Description


The authorization object S_RS_RSTT for the RS trace tool controls all authorization checks of the transaction RSTT and all other processes that affect the RS trace tool.

It is used to provide users of the transaction RSTT only exactly those activities for which they are authorized and to only allow them to perform the same activities. The authorization context - that is, the authorization object - comprises three components:
1) Type of object handled in the trace tool
2) The interactive user(s)
3) The activity to be checked

With these three components, sufficiently flexible authorization statuses can be defined that create a clear division between 'normal users' without the ability to change the configuration of the tool, the log archive and all trace objects for other users and special users such as administrators or test owners, who definitely change and delete cross-user objects, and who are also allowed to make changes to the tool parameters.

Defined fields

The authorization object checks the following fields:

  • RSTTBOBJ Trace Tool: Authorization Object Field -> Object
    This field enables specification of a specific object type or multiple object types that are to authorize the selected user (field 2) for a specific activity (field 3).
    Possible values:
    • TRACE: Standard trace; (trace type STRD)
    • CATTTRACE: CATT trace; (trace type CATT)
    • OLAPTRACE: OLAP trace; (trace type OLAP)
    • OLAPCACHE: OLAP cache trace; (trace type OCAC)
    • OLAPAUTH: OLAP authorization trace; (trace type OATH)
    • OLAPAGGRE: OLAP aggregate trace; (trace type OAGG)
    • OLAPPLAN: OLAP plan trace; (trace type OBPS)
    • OLAPDELTA: OLAP delta cache trace; (trace type ODCA)
    • AUTHTRACE: Authorization trace (trace type AUTH)
    • WHMTRACE: WHM trace; (trace type WHM)
    • TRACEPAC: Trace package; (trace type OCAC)
    • TESTPAC: Test package
    • TUSER: Test user
    • TRACEJOB: Trace job
    • TESTJOB: Test job
    • CSVAR: Check selection variant
    • POBJCSVAR: Program object check select
    • REFVAR: Reference data variant
      The object types TRACE to WHMTRACE all include the trace object , and, depending on their trace type all have their own value for the field. Object type TRACEPAC describes the trace packages, that combine multiple traces within the subtool 'Cache preloader'. In contrast, the object type TESTPAC describes test package that group CATT trace or specialized test trace as test packages within the subtool 'CAT Tool'. In the same context, the object types TRACEJOB and TESTJOB exist as jobs for the associated subtools. TUSER indicates the interactive test user in the subtool 'CAT tool'. The object types CSVAR and POBJCSVAR include variant stores that enable the definition of default check selections (overall selection) or check selections in relation to a specific program object. REFVAR is a variant type that manages the storage of various versions of test reference data in the subtool 'CAT tool' for CATT trace.
  • USER User Name in User Master Record
    This field enables the specification of one user or multiple users who is/are the author(s) and responsible for object types. This enables the current user to execute object type activities (field 3).
  • ACTVT Activity
    This field enables specification of a certain activity or a series of activities that a user or a user group can perform during interaction with the selected object type/s).
    Possible values:
    • 01: Add or generate
    • 02: Change
    • 03: Display
    • 06: Delete
    • 16: Execute
    • 21: Transport
    • 24: Archive
    • 60: Import
    • 61: Export
    • 63: Activate
      Activity 01 (insert or generate), 02 (change), 03 (display) and 06 (delete) are known standard activities and can be applied to all object types according to their semantic. <zh/>Activity 16 (execute) includes the actions 'Run' and 'Check' for the object types trace/CATT trace and trace package/test package, as well as the action 'Record test reference data' for the object types CATT trace and test package. All other actions with 'Execute' characteristics are connected to this activity, for example, the result value verification in CATT traces. All activities related to message archiving are incorporated in activity 24 (archive). Authorization options for exporting or importing the meta-information, along with all master data regarding the trace tool objects are controlled with activity 60 (import) and 61 (export). Activity 63 (activate), on the other hand, refers to the status adaptation of transporting trace tool objects after import to teh system environment of the respective target system. In this activity, settings for the selected objects are automatically overwritten or changed, which requires a separate authorization check.
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