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Object Description


This authorization object S_SMSYEDIT controls authorization to maintain the system landscape in the Solution Manager.

Defined fields

This authorization object has three fields:

  • ACTVT Activity
    Possible values:
    • 01: Create
    • 02: Change
    • 03: Display
    • 06: Delete
    • 70: Administration
      You need authorization for activity 70 to be able to make basic Solution Manager system landscape maintenance settings. The other authorization fields are ignored.
    • D1: Copy
  • SMSYETYPE Entity type
    The following entity types are checked with this authorization object:
    • SYSTEM: System
    • COMPUTER: Host
    • DBSYS: Database
    • PRODUCT: Product
    • SYSGRPIMPL: System group for the system landscape of an implemetation project
    • SYSGRPBPR: System group for the Business Process Repository
    • SYSGRPBPRC: System group for the central objects in the Business Process Repository
    • LOG_CMP : Logical Componenten
    • ACPOOL: Pool for the Adaptive Computing Controller
  • SMSYENAME Entity name
    The entity is identified by its name.
Specific Use Cases
  • Page:
    UC00007 — Change Mode for System Definition not permitted in SMSY
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