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This content was created to explain the process of generating, obtaining & resolving any errors with permanent, temporary or trial license keys for SAP Solutions for Analytics (BusinessObjects) products. This is for both customers with and without maintenance.

Company with maintenance agreement 

Creating new keys: If your company has a maintenance agreement with SAP permanent license keys can be created in the SAP Support Portal. To do so please refer to the video tutorial on the right or the related SAP Notes & documentation below. Further details of the required steps are also available here.  

Editing existing keys: If you created the license key for the incorrect number of users it is recommended that you delete the system the key was created under. Once this is done you can then request the key again for the correct amount of users. 

However you can also edit any existing license key in the SAP Support Portal. This will also allow you to amend the number of users it will activate. Details of how to do so are available here.

Any changes you make to the number of users a license key activates will be reflected in your "pool of available keys". For example if you decrease the number it activates this number will be added to your pool of available keys. If you increase the number it activates this number will be taken away from your pool of available keys.


               German version of video

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SAP Notes / KBAs

Please note a  valid S-User ID is needed in order to view the notes

1251889  - License key request for BusinessObjects

1288128  - Temporary license keys

1285639   - What license types are available for BusinessObjects Enterprise

1621084   - New offical product names for the SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 Suite

1566573  - Most common SAP BusinessObjects license key related issues

1830288  - Video tutorials for topics related to XX-SER-LIKEY* component

Potential errors: In order to create or edit license keys your S-User ID will need to be authorized to do so. If the authorization is missing your company Super Administrator can assign it to your ID.

If the version that you want to create the license key for is not selectable it could be out of maintenance. Information on product & version maintenance dates is available in the SAP Product Availability Matrix . If the product or version is not in maintenance you would be unable to generate a license key for it. Instead you will need to upgrade to a version that is in maintenance and request a key for this version.

As your SAP contract reflects your available licenses in the portal should the amount or type available be incorrect you will need to contact your SAP account executive. They will be able to amend your contract which will then make the correct number or type available for selection.

Temporary keys: If there are any errors creating a permanent license key, temporary Business Objects license keys are available in the SAP Support portal. These keys can be downloaded by logging onto the support portal at the link  and selecting the “Obtain a temporary license key” link. These temporary license keys are valid for up to 90 days.

Company without maintenance agreement: 

If your company does not have a maintenance agreement with SAP your license key would have been provided when you purchased the product. As such if you require assistance with confirming it you should firstly contact the product reseller for assistance.

Alternatively it might be possible for SAP to confirm the license key for you. In order to check if this is possible please contact the SAP Customer Interaction Center (CIC) and provide the following information:

  • Your company's full name and address
  • The name & version of the software being installed
  • The key code(s) being used to install software (if possible)
  • The product registration number (if possible)
  • The number of Key code(s)
  • Any details of the problem and screenshot if possible of the CMC (Central Management Console) where the keys are installed, and the error message received.
  • Any details of a license agreement or invoice number which would allow the licenses to be traced – e.g. Business Objects invoice number or license agreement number, contract number or Installation ID.
  • Also please specify if your license was purchased from SAP / Business Objects directly or via an account manager, the E-Store, or via a reseller?

Accessing trial keys: 

Free Business Analytics trial software is available to download here.  If you require assistance with a trial version license key you will need to contact the team responsible for this website or the SAP pre sales team. This can be done on the “contact us” or “chat now” section of the website.



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  2. I have seen the abreviation BA&T used in some of the licence documents in relation of Business Objects, but they don't explain it. What does this term mean?

  3. Former Member

    BA&T stands for Business Analytics and Technology