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The most important factor is the keywords.  Here are some informations about keywords case by case.

1.  Only the real KEY words should be used.

Sometimes we can see that the whole statement of issue is used as keywords as below.
"Overdelivery is allowed in production order confirmation", we'd better use only the KEY words which are the SAP terminology like "Overdelivery" "production order" "confirmation".

2.  Error message number and transaction code.

If there is an error while processing the data in a transaction, the error message number and transaction code can be used as keywords.
e.g. Error "Purchase order & has no items" occurs in transaction MIGO, then we can see the error message number M7033 by double clicking the error in the bottom of screen or the button
  (If the message is just an information.).
Then the keywords can be the combination of them like "M7033" and "MIGO" or "M7 033" and MIGO", the error message number written in the notes could be "M7033" or "M7 033" which has space between the message class and number, so both of them should be searched.

3.  A dump occurs.
If a dump occurs while running a transaction as below. 

Here, the dump proposes the keywords can be used to search notes, then you can search notes with several combinations of them.

The transaction code can also be used as keyword as well. 


4.  An update termination occurs
If an update termination occurs, please go to transaction SM13. 

 Input the selection conditions and execute.


Find out the line of your issue and double click. 

Check the error and programs for which the termination occurred, they can be the keywords for searching notes. The 'Error details' would give more information about the error.
Additionally, the update termination often occurs with short dump together, so you can go to transaction ST22 to get more clues and keywords can be used.

Note: The examples of this document are based on R3 system.