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With the SAP Enterprise Support Academy mobile app for iOS and Android, you can access the SAP Enterprise Support Academy’s catalog with hundreds of learning assets and services anywhere and anytime. SAP Enterprise Support Academy helps you build up the knowledge and skills needed to fully maximize the benefit of SAP Enterprise Support.

Key features of SAP Enterprise Support Academy for iOS and Android:

  • Browse the catalog or search for individual assets
  • View asset details and check the schedule of live sessions
  • Register for live sessions or cancel/pre-book participation
  • Utilize self-study assets in a range of formats
  • Bookmark learning assets for future reference
  • Manage your individual learning plan and track your learning history


Disclaimer: You must have a registered SAP Service Marketplace user ID to take advantage of the full functionality of the SAP Enterprise Support Academy mobile app. Applicable only for SAP Enterprise Support, SAP MaxAttention, SAP ActiveEmbedded, and SAP PSLE contracts.





since May 2014

Supported Devices

iOS and Android phones and tablets


SAP Learning Management Solution