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Line Opener Program

*System Prerequisites

The Line Opener Program can only be installed on the Microsoft Windows platform (2000, XP or higher). The computer where the program has to be installed must access the SAProuter by using the internal network.

*How the Line Opener Program works

To use Semi Automatic Opening you need the Line Opener Program (LOP) which enables SAP to open service connections to your systems independently. Usages of Semi Automatic Opening can be granted per system.

If a SAP employee requires access to one of your systems, an opening request will be created. Naturally only opening requests can be designed to systems, for which you gave the SAP explicitly the permission for independent opening. The LOP checks periodical per https-request in SAP Service Marketplace whether an opening request exists for one of your systems. If such a request exists, the LOP opens the connection between your SAProuter and SAP and you get notified by an e-mail that the network connection was opened.

*How to install Line Opener Program

To install the LOP, select Install, then download and start. In the initial starting of the LOP, you are asked for a name and a place for the LOP. Both fields have an informal character only. In case of more than one LOPs it should ease the localization of a LOP in your infrastructure. For details please refer to the documentation(Adobe PDF file).

Please watch the video how to install and customize the Line Opener Program.


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