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Please check the following points at first:

  • You have the authorization for downloading the software
    SAP Service Marketplace authorization profile: Software download

If you do not have the authorization for downloading, please contact your superadministrator under

  • You are licensed for the software product.

Please contact your SAP local contract department using the link

  • You are licensed for the software product, but the software is not visible on SAP Service Marketplace.
    Please open a customer message under component XX-SER-SAPSMP-SWC.

If you need to open a service message:

Always begin by using the URL
Provide us the exact Product/Package Name/Version
Provide us the S-User ID and password
Where applicable, provide a step-by-step path/description of your actions leading up to the problem/error.
Which URL are you using?
Which alias?
Attach a screen shot of the problem to the Customer Message.

You do not have a License for a Product?
Please contact your local SAP Contracts Department. You can locate the correct contact organization via the following link: