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SAP Support Desk is a mobile application that allows you to interact with the SAP Service Marketplace and the Active Global Support Organization from your mobile device.
The "app" allows you to perform the following tasks:

  • Display your Customer Incidents Inbox
  • Search and Display SAP Notes
  • Open and Book Remote Connections
  • Store User ID and Password for the remote support in the secure container
  • Contact SAP Customer Interaction Center Worldwide
  • Read SAP Hot News, Top Notes, etc. via RSS Feeds

Available versions

SAP Support Desk for iPhone

SAP Support Desk for Android  




  1. Hi Ivan,

    Do you have any news about this app? Can't find it on google play, and I'd love to test it!




    I understand that this app has a feature to search SAP Notes, but will it include a feature to search the messages sent in as well? Is there a development plan available online somewhere that I'd be able to watch for features that are in development?