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This content was created to explain the process of speeding up the processing of existing SAP customer messages. 


You can speed up or escalate an existing SAP customer message by referring to the video tutorial on the right or the related SAP notes & documentation below. 

As per the notes should you wish to speed up the message you will need to contact the SAP Customer Interaction Center (CIC). The contact details for this department are:

In order for your SAP incident to be prioritized you will need to provide the CIC with the following general information:


               German & French versions of video

Related Content 


SAP Notes / KBAs

Please note a  valid S-User ID is needed in order to view the notes

1281633 - Speed up processing of a customer message

90835 - SAP message escalation procedure

67739  - Priorities of problem messages

376997 - BW customer messages with priority 1 (very high)

1670248  - Message creation

560499  - Global Support Customer Interaction:


Get the most from your support                                                   

Go Live issue:

  • What are you going live with and what is the go live date?
  • What stage of the project is being affected? Deadline dates for the completion of this stage?
  • How of any project team members or consultants being affected?
  • What are the consequences of the issue or if the go live was delayed for your company?
  • A confirmation of the contact person for the message?

Production Issue:

  • Details (non technical) of what is being affected in the production environment?
  • How many users are being affected? and what can they not do?
  • Details of any possible workaround that is in place?
  • What are the consequences of this workaround or the consequences of this issue on your company? 
  • A confirmation of the contact person for the message? 

A more comprehensive list of questions is also contained within SAP Note 1281633  - Speed up processing of a customer message