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This content was created to explain the process of download software for both customers with & without maintenance.

Company with maintenance agreement

If your company has a maintenance agreement with SAP you can download your software in the SAP Support Portal. To do so please refer to the video tutorial on the right or the related SAP Notes/KBAs below. 

Potential errors: In order to download software your S-User ID will need to be authorized to do so. If the authorization is missing your company Super Administrator can assign it to your ID.

If the product version that you want to download is not available it could be out of maintenance or in ramp up.* Maintenance: Information on product maintenance dates is available in the SAP Product Availability Matrix.  If the version required is out of maintenance you would be unable to download it. However you would be able to download its latest version from the support portal instead.

  • Ramp up: Details of products & versions that are in ramp up are available in the SAP Support Portal ramp up section. If the product or version required is listed here unless you are part of the ramp up program you will be unable to download it.


         German version of video

Related Content

Related SAP Notes/KBAs

Please note a  valid S-User ID is needed in order to view the notes

1266909  - How to download software and/or directories from Service Marketplace (SMP)

1409196  - Software in ramp-up - participation in ramp-up

397175  - SAP Cryptographic Software - Export control

If you are not part of the program you can refer to 1409196 (Software in ramp-up - participation in ramp-up) to become part of it. Once this is done the download will be available to you.

As your SAP contract reflects your available downloads in the portal should a download be missing you will need to contact your SAP account executive. They will be able to amend your contract which will then make the download available again in the portal.

Company without maintenance agreement 

If your company does not have a maintenance agreement with SAP your sotware would have been provided when you purchased the product. However there are certain service packs, hot fixes and sample downloads available in the SAP Community Network.  These downloads can be downloaded freely without the need for an S-User ID number.  

Trial software downloads 

Free Business Analytics trial software is available to download here.  If you require assistance with a trial version download you will need to contact the team responsible for this website. This can be done on the “contact us” or “chat now” section of the website.