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(warning) These instructions were removed since they covered a quite old version of the Diagnostics Agent Standalone Installer.

(warning) Per Q2/2013, always use the latest Software Provisioning Manager (SWPM) based installer. For official notes please refer to Diagnostics Agents > Installation > General Information.

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  1. Former Member

    In our case the 7.2 Setup didn't find the SMD 7.1 installation. The Setup offerd to uninstall the SCS and SAP system instance but not the SMD agent. I had to drop the user and user profile manually and also the service regitry entries and the SAP instance directory. Last but not least you should not offer to unsinstall "all available instances"; mostly the SMD agent is installed on hosts with other SAP instances, or not?

  2. According to this wiki ( the SMD-Agent should be uninstalled by “sapinst”.
    However the installation files mentioned above are not available anymore.

    Instead of these you can use the NW 7.1 SR1 installation files.
    These are still available under -> Installation and Updates -> Browse Download Catalog -> SAP NetWeaver -> SAP NetWeaver -> SAP EHP1 FOR SAP NETWEAVER 7.0 -> Installation -> your OS and DB -> ...

    It worked out perfectly fine for me.

    Best regards,
    HP EMEA Technical Consulting and Services Team - SAP & Performance