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Once the BI content is built, and the process chains moving data, build or run a query.

BEx Query Designer.

Hm.  Not quite right.  Needs a little something.


Look for a pre-configured query by InfoAreas.  Monitoring Performance Data sounds right.


That looks useful.  Pick some stuff and click run, or something.


Not quite.

TODO: Fix the web template, and the portal access.
(to be continued)

1 Comment

  1. Unknown User (up7i3r7)

    Hi Jim,

    I checked the Architecture of CPH.

    i guess you are running the report in Solution Manager which is the CEN/CPH system .

    We need to execute the Report in SAP Net Weaver BI System. Not the SolMan System. As the Sol Man system needs to send the data to BI system. from where we need to execute in Bex or Visual Composer as per requirement.


    Jayatheertha Pandre