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(This procedure is valid for Solution Manager 7.0 and lower. With  Solution Manager 7.1 SAP is recommending the usage of the new Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure and Interactive Reporting)   

Sanity check - go to RSA1 transaction and make sure the CPH BI content isn't there yet.  If it is, stop.

If ready to proceed, enter transaction  CCMSBISETUP.

Above are the selections we chose.

 Just a double sanity check that there isn't anything there, right?  Continue?

This popped up, even though we thought we had chosen the "Inspect yourself" option.

Yes, still "self-defined".  Hit it again.

Now, let it run for a few minutes, depending on hardware speed.

It is likely process chain errors may be flagged.  Press on.

Once the chains are digested, a job priority selection should appear.  We picked "C" as our enterprise scheduler manages priorities and sequences.

At the completion of activation, all steps should appear complete.  The last message says "Chain ZCCMS_REORG was saved as active".

Checking the state of RSA1.

Hmm.  Not there yet.


Oh, right, back out of RSA1 and go back in.  There they are.

A view of one of the Info Providers.  The screen was a lot busier, but that's all I could fit into 700x500.

Step 2:

CPH - Verifying CCMS BI Load