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(This procedure is valid for Solution Manager 7.0 and lower. With  Solution Manager 7.1 SAP is recommending the usage of the new Monitoring and Alerting Infrastructure and Interactive Reporting)   


You have activated the CCMS Content in the BI, and have - if you have scheduled the process chains directly - ensured that the loading of the data has been started

To check the latter supposition,  go to transaction RPC (Process Chain Display Planning View)

The above 6 chains were generated during the CCMS BI install.


Review a couple process chains to see how they look.


This one is "yellow" - due to no data found yet.  We tried to begin the BI portion the same day as CPH was set up.


Change the "Status: Not yet determined" to "Status: Successful".  Keep bowling.

The load shows a yellow temporarily.


Now it shows as green.  Proceed.

Step 3:

CPH - Querying CCMS BI