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Solution Manager 7.1 (until SP10)

To remove a technical system completely from SAP Solution Manager and the system landscape, further manual steps may be required. For more information, see the SAP Solution Manager operations guide under -> Installation & Upgrade Guides -> SAP Components -> SAP Solution Manager -> Release 7.1 -> Select 4 - Operations -> Solution Operation guide SAP Solution Manager 7.1 -> 4.6 Solution Manager clean-up tasks for no longer relevant managed systems

To delete system information in the SLD, see also SAP Note 1781779.

Solution Manager 7.1 SP11 and higher (including Solution Manager 7.2)


  • What is decommissioning?: Decommissioning is a general term for a formal process to remove something from active status. In our case, this guided decommissioning procedure is describing the way to temporarily or permandently remove a Managed System from the SAP Solution Manager system/infrastructure.
  • Why?: Because customer demand is increasing. Big customers have dynamic system landscapes, they create and remove systems on a regular basis.
  • How does it work?: System decommissioning is kind of a reversed Managed System Configuration guided procedure.
  • Is it available?:
    • This Guided Procedure is only intended for Application Operations scope (RCA, EWA, IC&PO, JOB&BI, System Monitoring, EEM, etc…).
    • SP11 (GP V5): we delivered a first version mainly based on manual activities, it can be started from the Technical Administration Workcenter:

Guided Procedure Management -> Selection -> choose system -> Guided Procedure Browser button -> Start Embedded -> Start All Guided Procedures -> Decommissioning

Note: If the Decomissionning does not appear in the GP List, Click on "Search Attributes" button, click on "Reset" then "Apply" button.

    • SP12 (GP V10): we introduced more automatic steps and the Decommissioning can be started directly from the Solution Manager Configuration Workcenter:

Managed System Configuration -> In Technical Systems, choose the system to remove -> Select Advanced Options -> Decommissioning

    • SP13 (GP V12): the decommissioned systems history is available using the AGS_SISE_DECOMM_REP report (transaction se38).
    • SP14 (GP V17): we display dedicated activities for JAVA and ABAP technical system types. 2 new activities: Clean Exception Management and Monitoring, Clean the Generic Storage Data.
    • 7.2 SP01: New actvities added: set LMDB Lifecycle Status to Disused and deactivate Data Suppliers. Several actvities are now dependent on activity "Confirm Agreement".
    • 7.2 SP03: Activity "Clean Product Systems" is removed. Product systems are no longer modeled in SAP Solution Manager. 
    • 7.2 SP06: Activity "Clean Generic Storage Data" is simplified with a mass parameters selection.

Note: If you want to decommission a system from Business Process Operations and/or Application Lifecycle Management, you need to ask your local SAP expert before you continue.


Sequence for system decommissioning:  



Which steps to be executed:

  • Not all systems are used in all applications, for example, if there is no EEM script for the decommissioned system, there is no need to execute the corresponding activity.
  • If a system is removed temporary from SAP Solution Manager, we recommend only to deactivate the Monitoring and disable the Extractors. The RFC destinations can be reused when activating the system again, and the Landscape Model can be reused as well. Both do not cause significant load if kept as long as the system is deactivated.
  • If a system is removed permanently from SAP Solution Manager, execute all decommissioning steps in the application where the system is configured, in the right sequence order.

Needed Roles and Authorizations:  The dialog user needed for decommissioning needs to be assigned to following scenarios: 

  • SOLMAN_ADMIN: System Preparation, Basic Configuration, Infrastructure Preparation (only SAP SolMan 7.2), Managed System Configuration, EWA, SLR.
  • SM_L2_XXX: System Monitoring, Self Monitoring, Root Cause Analysis.
  • TP_ITTM_ADM: Technical Administration, IT Task Management for Guided Procedure Execution, Landscape Management DB.
  • Any Database Specific Administration Role.


BW Data:

The Existing BW Housekeeping will automatically remove orphan data related to the decommissioned system after the full decommissioning process.

  • 8% of ABAP statistical records (ASR) + Data from Monitoring and Alerting will remains after 31 days of stopped data collection.
  • 4% of RCA collected data will remains after 3 months of stopped data collection. 
  • After 24 months, all data will be deleted. 

Note: If you want to accelerate the housekeeping process, please ask your local SAP expert.

Solution Manager Update / Upgrade:

It is recommended to finish and close all the pending decommissioning guided procedure instances before to update Solution Manager to a higher SP or release version, otherwise, all the logs and statuses of existing Decommissioning GPs instances will be lost after the update. Note: you can still access the old Decommissioning GP versions by changing the APPL_VERSION=00<XX> URL parameter (see above for versions).


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