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The diagnostics agent is a central component of the SAP Solution Manager system landscape. This page summarizes all relevant information on the agent and provides detail information on all relevant topics.

Verify the Prerequisites


General Information

Following documents are most relevant for installing and working with the Diagnostics Agent:

  • Refer to SAP Note 1365123 for the Diagnostics Agent installation strategy. 

  • Refer to SAP Note 1833501 for information on Diagnostics Agent installer versions, and for an overview of SAP Notes related to Mass Deployment / Unattended Installation.

  • Refer to SAP Note 1858920 and the latest Installation and Setup Guide for:

    • Information on how to access the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) for the Diagnostics Agent
    • Instructions on how to download the Installation Media
    • Instructions on how to patch the Installation Media
    • Details on supported kernels
    • Description of the unattended/silent installation mechanism
    • SMD Setup Script (smdsetup.bat/ documentation
    • More detailed installation instructions

Download Paths

Artifacts required for Diagnostics Agent installations can be downloaded as follows (for detailed instructions and alternative paths refer to latest Diagnostics Agent Installation and Setup Guides):

  • Go to
    • Product Availability Matrix/PAM:  search for "Product Availability Matrix"
    • Documentation:  System Provisioning  →  System Provisioning Scenarios →  Install a System using Software Provisioning Manager →  Installation Option of Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 → Installation Guides - Standalone Engines and Clients → Diagnostics Agent  → download the guide for your  "Operating System Platform"
    • "installer":  System Provisioning → Download Software Provisioning Manager → SOFTWARE PROVISIONING MGR 1.0 → DOWNLOADS → <your_platform> → SWPM10SP*.SAR
  • For download of individual archives go to SAP Note 2253383
  • Check SAP Note 1858920 and the Product Availability Matrix for supported kernel versions

Recommended Reading

Which agent version should be used?

Please refer to the above mentioned Diagnostics Agent Installation Strategy SAP Note.

Where to install an agent?

Please refer to the above mentioned Diagnostics Agent Installation Strategy SAP Note.

Where to download the agent installation files?

Please refer to the General Information section above.

Connection Configuration

Refer to the installation procedures contained inside the Diagnostics Setup Guide.

Connection options

Before starting the installation make sure that you have identified which installation strategy you want to use. This means that you need to choose between the two following scenarios:

  • Direct Solution Manager Registration: In this scenario, the Diagnostics Agent establishes a direct connection to the Solution Manager system. Using this type of connection no SLD attachment is necessary especially since Solution Manager 7.1 SP05. Operational issues concerning Diagnostics Agents to Solution Manager connectivity can now be easily resolved via the “Non-authenticated Agents” list. (See Non Authenticated Diagnostics Agents).
    Prerequisite: Diagnostics Agent was connected to a Solution Manager 7.1 SP05 system at least once.
  • SLD Registration: In this scenario, the Diagnostics Agent registers itself into the production SLD assigned to the managed system on which the Diagnostics Agent will be installed. This scenario should be used especially if Solution Manager is not yet installed.

SLD Registration - Remotely Connect DIagnostics Agents  - Solution Manager 7.1

If you choose the "SLD Registration" strategy, the Diagnostics Agent should be visible using SOLMAN_SETUP transaction -> System preparation -> Step "Connect Agents". You must connect the relevant Diagnostics Agents to the current Solution Manager system in order to later be able to use them.

Agent reconnection may require waiting several minutes. It depends on settings which are set on the SMD Agent side. As soon as it detects that the association has been changed the SLD state is updated and the registration should proceed.

Direct Solution Manager Registration

If you want to perform the "Direct Solution Manager Registration" after the installation of the Diagnostics Agent, you will need to perform the smdsetup script action managingconf.

You can perform the direct connection to the solution manager in two ways, using the J2EE Message Server HTTP port (recommended). For more information about the smdsetup script refer to the Diagnostics Agent setup guide attached to the SAP Note for the most recent installer release (see SAP Note 1833501).


  • Connection by Message Server:

smdsetup managingconf hostname:"sapms://<fqn>" port:"<J2EE MsgServer HTTP Port>" [optional user:"<...>" pwd:"<...>"]

To run these script we will need to following information:

  1. Full qualified solution manager hostname.
  2. J2EE Message Server HTTP Port, like 81<SolMan Java SCS Instance>.
  3. Diagnostics Agent system user: For more information about these user check the User Administration Guide.
  4. Diagnostics Agent system user password.

Where to find the J2EE Message Server HTTP port.

  • J2EE Message Server HTTP: This port is usually 81XX (where xx is the SCS instance number: /usr/sap/<DASID>/SCS<xx>).

Make sure that you address the Solution Manager Java SCS Message Server with the above mentioned port number. URL.  Enter in the following URL: http://<solmal_msg_server_host>:<j2ee_msg_server_http_port>/msgserver/text/logon
This shall display a P4 and/or P4S line, like here:

Having all necessary information, you have to perform the smdsetup script to connect the Diagnostics Agent to the Solution Manager system:

   1. Open a prompt command and navigate to the script folder inside of the agent path: usr/sap/<SID_AGT>/SMDAXX/script
   2. Run the smdsetup script as the following examples:

  • Connection by Message Server:

     - smdsetup managingconf hostname:"sapms://" port:"81XX" user:"SMD_ADMIN" pwd:"XXXXXXXX"

  •  Afterwards, the command should finish successfully:

Then check at the “Agent Administration” if the agent is connected to the Solution manager. If the agent does not connect to the Solman system check the SMDSystem log for error. This log file can be found into the log folder at the agent path.

IMPORTANT: Note that SAP recommends to use the connection via the Solution Manager Java SCS Message Server. Trying out a direct connection via the P4 or P4S port, is only relevant in some very specific situations.

Connect the Diagnostics Agent to Solution Manager Using SSL 

Please refer to the configuration wiki: Connect the Diagnostics Agent to the Solution Manager using SSL.

How to Configure the Different Ciphers on the Diagnostic Agent

Please refer to SAP Note 2849162.

Frequently Asked Questions and Trouble Shooting

Please refer to the FAQ Diagnostics Agent.

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  1. Former Member

    SAP Note 1878116 - P4 port not reachable

  2. See also the SCN blog "Agent Data in the SAP Solution Manager LMDB" by Wolf Hengevoss:

    Best regards


  3. Former Member

    How to enable this P4 onto my solution manager/message server ?

    this SAP note 1878116 - P4 port not reachable tells nothing to me...


  4. Anonymous

    Hello Expert,


    I am facing an issue while registering agent with Solman in windows using below command.

       1) Open a prompt command and navigate to the script folder inside of the agent path: usr/sap/<SID_AGT>/SMDAXX/script
       2. Run the smdsetup script as the following examples:

    R:\>C:\usr\sap\DAA\SMDA98\script\smdsetup.bat managingconf hostname:"Solman_host" port:"50XX4" user:"SMD_agent" pwd:"XXXXXX"

    i have also tried below command also

    R:\>C:\usr\sap\DAA\SMDA98\script\smdsetup.bat managingconf hostname:"sapms://" port:"81XX" user:"SMD_ADMIN" pwd:"XXXXXXXX"


    but getting an error that SMD server or port is not reachable.


    Please suggest.  

    1. Former Member


      I noticed that your example command has port "50XX4" but I think this is usually "5XX04".  If you used "50XX4" then it maybe worth trying "5XX04" instead.


      1. Anonymous

        Hello ,

        I have tried 5xx04 , it was not working ... This error I am getting while installing agent ... My installation is not yet completed ..

        I tried to install agent with production Solution manager details and use prod solution manger port which was working fine .... 

        only getting an error while installing agent with pre-prod solution manager details...




          Dear Viral,

          Note that the Diagnostics Agents shall in general always be connected via the Solution Manager Java SCS Message server and not the P4 or P4S port.
          I have updated this page to better highlight this and avoid ambiguities.

          Now, let me answer your question. In general the P4 port looks like: 5NN04. However the Java SCS Message Server HTTP port looks like: 81XX, where XX usually represents the Instance number. Remember also that the Java SCS Java has always a distinct instance number.

          Hope this answers your question.

          Best regards,



  5. Former Member


    do you have any guide or information on how to configure this but through a SAPRouter? It really seems that in the smdsetup sldconf or smdsetup managingconf commands you can't put the SAPRouter route (/H/..../S/...)

    So if I configure it like this:

    smdsetup sldconf hostname:"solution_manager_private_IP" port:"50000" user:"SLDDSUSER" pwd:"password"

    smdsetup managingconf hostname:"solution_manager_private_IP" port:50004” user:"SMD_ADMIN" pwd:"password"

    smdsetup addsaprouter route:"/H/SAPRouter_Public_IP/S/sapdp99/H/solution_manager_private_IP/S/3300"

    it doesn't work... any suggestions?

    thank you

    1. Hi Pablo,

      I see you have not received an answer so far. If you are still facing problems here, I suggest you report an incident on SV-SMG-DIA-SRV-AGT.



  6. hello:

    I read your text

    "Diagnostics Agents update their business logic (coding) from the SAP Solution Manager system to which they are connected. All connected Diagnostics Agents that are running in the landscape, are centrally patched, when deploying an LM-SERVICE Java Software Component Archive (SCA) on the SAP Solution Manager system." 

    We have recently upgraded our Solman7.1 to SP11 and now all our diagnostic agents have a RED icon in the managed systems tab. How do we fix this? does this mean we have to upgrade every ST-PI on the managed system? the ST-PI on the central Solman7.1 shows 2008_1_700 SP10 and on the managed systems it is showing 2008_1_700 SP07

    please advise...


    1. Hi Salim,

      I think your issue requires some investigation. Please report an incident on SV-SMG-DIA-SRV-AGT.



  7. After patching to SP12 the diagnostic agents are not able to connect to solman. The error message is: Exception during getInitialContext operation. "Wrong security principle/credentials."
    I've checked the password and executed the script to update it but the issue is nto solved.
    Any ideas? 

    1. Hi Marian,

      Could you kindly precise your update/upgrade path ? Did you update from a Solution Manager lower than 7.1 SP10 ?
      Typically, such kind of user credential issues are related to the fact that with 7.1 SP10 and higher the standard user to connect the Diagnostics Agents is no longer SMD_ADMIN, but SMD_AGT.

      Therefore I propose to double check which user is maintained in SOLMAN_SETUP -> System Preparation -> Maintain Users (SMD_AGT). Make sure that this user is not locked. Also you can use the action "Update Password" to generate a new password is required. IMPORTANT: You will then get a notification pop-up. Make sure to confirm it, in order to execute as well any dependent setup activities.

      In any case, do not forget that you have the possibility to reconnect Agents centrally, having credential issues, using the Agent Administration UI, under the tab "Non-authenticate Agents".

      Best regards, Olivier

      1. Hi Olivier

        We updated from SP10 to SP12. 
        The change from SMD_ADMIN to SMD_AGT is familiar to me but the fact that all DAs  are not authenticated after a SPS update is quite disappointing.
        I've chcked again according to your proposal but the user is not locked and the password is valid (I've double checked it).
        The reconnect Option via Agent Adminitration UI does not work. I'm still investigating and trying to discover the culprit.



        1. Hi Marian,

          Thanks for these additional details. First of all note that this behavior is not expected and did not occur internally on the various validation and demo systems.

          Could you kindly open a ticket on SV-SMG-DIA-SRV-AGT, attaching the zip file generate with the Diagnostics Agent OS command "smdsetup supportlogs" on one of the impacted Managed systems hosts ?

          By the way, did you also apply the LM-SERVICE 7.1 SP12 Patch 1, like indicated in SAP note:  2020219 .

          Best regards, Olivier

          1. Hi Olivier

            THe LM-Service component has the SP12 Patch 1->  LM-SERVICE  7.10 SP12 (1000.  SAP AG  SAP AG  20140819104722  
            I still want to invest some time and find a solution so no reason to hurry and create an incident.

            For the moment  the search continues.
            Many thanks for the hints! New ideas/approaches are always more than welcomed!

          2. Hi Olivier

            I think I found the reason why the authentication is not working anymore.
            After changing the "Authentication Policy for Agents" from Certificate to "Use Basic authentication" I was able to connect (only for testing purpose) one DA. When switching back to Certificate again there was an issued error message like:  "Wrong security principle/credentials; Failed to connect to SMD server - CN=SMD_ADMIN;  Connecting to SMD server ms://solmanfqdnhost:xxxx/P4 failed".
            The certificate authentication has SMD_AGT as assigned user.
            Could you please clarify the following things:

            • how can the CN=SMD_ADMIN be changed to SMD_AGT; I tried using the smdsetup script but somehow the change was not activated
            • in case the Authentication Method is changed back to Certificate what are the prerequisites? Is SSL connection compulsory? Previous to SP12 the Certificate Authentication was working without SSL.
            • can  "Basic authentication" still be used or in the near future only the Certificate Authentication should be used?

             Thank you 

            LE: found the following note 2013578 - SMDAgent cannot connect to the Solman using certificate based method - Solman 7.10 SP11 


            1. Hi Marian,

              Thanks for the feedback and the reference to that SAP KBA. 
              FYI, I will ask our Product Support colleagues to revise it as it could be misleading.

              Let me come back to your situation, as you finally didn't open a message. (smile)
              Do you confirm that at the time you updated to 7.1 SP12 you also worked through the prerequisites mentioned in the Solution Manager Release Information Note (2020219) ?
              Especially did you come to apply some NW patches ? Did you in that case also pay attention to the maintenance of the TrustedP4SPort property like mentioned ?
              It is correct that the error "Wrong security principle/credentials" could also occur, in case some NW J2EE patches (7.02 SP15) have been applied on the SolMan 7.1 SP12 system, but the TrustedP4SPort property is not maintained in NWA, although you are using the authentication via Certificates.

              Kindly precise your situation, before we check out additional points together.

              Best regards, Olivier

  8. Former Member

    Hi there,

    I'm pretty new in SAP. Is it possible to connect the SAP Diagnostic Agent to more then one SolMan?

    Thx in advance, Ondry

    1. No, you can use the managingconf command they talk about above to switch which system it's connected to or install a second copy on a different instance.

    2. Former Member

      No, this is not possible. A Diag-Agent-Instance can only be connected to one specific Solman. But you can install more than one Diag-Agent on the Host..


    3. That´s the answer, You cannot connect the same DA to 2 differents Solmans, you need install one more DA into the same host.


    What is the best practice for the DAA kernel? Should it follow the same kernel release as the additional SAP instances installed on the same virtual/logical host?

    1. Hi Ricardo, 

      Refer to SAP Note 1833501 , go to the "Download Paths" section , and download the latest Diagnostics Agent Installation and Setup guide for your platform.

      In the guide, there is a chapter called "Kernel for the Diagnostics Agent",  where this topic is discussed.

      In addtion (we will update the guide with this for the next release), it may even be so that the SAP Kernel for your SAP NetWeaver ABAP or Java system, is not supported by the Diagnostics Agent (e.g. the 740 kernel is not supported).

      Also in the  "Download Paths" section, we point to the Product Availability Matrix (PAM) for the Diagnostics Agent. This PAM must always be respected when performing new installations. It also states which kernel versions the Diagnostics Agent supports.

      Best regards,


      1. Thank you so much, Pieter!

        The Agent Installation guide helped a lot by ruling out any possible incompatibility issues. Other than the version, do all DAAs are unicode or should I  set up NUC DAAs with NUC instances? Just asking as this is not mentioned in the document nor PAM.



        1. Hi Ricardo,

          For the Diagnostics Agent, only Unicode installations are supported. With non-Unicode managed systems, you should thus perform Unicode Diagnostics Agent installations.

          Best regards,


          1. Pieter, once again thank you very much for the information you have provided me with.

            Warm regards,


          2. Thank you so much Pieter for your answer. 

            Kind regards

  10. Got a question on this statement:

    >> In addtion (we will update the guide with this for the next release), it may even be so that the SAP Kernel for your SAP NetWeaver ABAP or Java system,
    >>  is not supported by the Diagnostics Agent (e.g. the 740 kernel is not supported).


    It does not make a statement about dependencies between SAP Solution Manager and Diagnostics Agent. I just wanted to make clear that a kernel that you have selected and downloaded for your SAP NetWeaver system, may not be applicable for a Diagnostics Agent that you want to install.

  11. Former Member

    I have a request to monitor an Windows AD server with Solution Manager MAI monitoring. The prerequisite checker that is executed when installing an diagnostics agent is stating however that "Installations on domain controllers are not supported". Any experience with this? Is there a workaround? What's the risk/problem with this?

    1. Hi Guido,

      I double checked with a colleague from the SAP Solution Manager MAI Monitoring, and this support (Active Directory Windows server) is apparently not yet in place.

      Best regards,


      1. Former Member

        Hi Olivier,

        Thanks for your response. Does not yet in place mean that they are working on this? Can we expect a solution?  We are now monitoring this system with CCMS, but as I understand this won't be supported anymore as of Solman 7.2. Furthermore: the installation is stating that it isn't supported, but does allow to continue. Does it actually not work or does it work but does it interfere with ad processing?


  12. Former Member


    I have a doubt about witch SMD agent version we should use if we plan to upgrade to Solman 7.2

    We are planning to upgrade our Solman 7.1 SPS11 to Solman 7.1 and we have around 140 SMD agents connected to Solman, We use the agent 7.3 SP3 in all our customers but I can't find any documentation about which SMD agent version is compatible with Solman 7.2

    Someone knows if 7.3 SP3 is fine or we move to 7.4? 


    1. Hello Mauricio,

      you could use the last released version. You can install Diagent with: SWPM 1.0 SP18 for NW higher than 7.0x

      • Go to
        • Product Availability Matrix/PAM:  Product Availability Matrix
        • Documentation:  System Provisioning → Installation Option → Guide for Diagnostics Agent → "Installation and Setup Guide" for your "Operating System Platform"
        • "installer": System Provisioning → Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 SP <current_SP> → Download Software Provisioning Manager
          • "Support Package Patches" → <your_platform> → SWPM10SP*.SAR (we recommend the SWPM10SP*.SAR installer)
        • "kernel" : System Provisioning → Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 SP <current SP> → Download Kernel releases delivered for SL Toolset
          •  "Kernel for installation/SWPM" → "SAP KERNEL 7.21 EXT 64-BIT UC" (use the 7.21 EXT SAP KERNEL or refer to the latest Installation & Setup Guide for further kernel guidance) → "Installation" → <your_platform> → <your_download_object>

      Some useful links and SAP Note:
      Diagnostics Agent installation with SWPM, note 1858920    (see attached PDF file PAM_for_SWMP10SP17_SMDA.pdf) and find the SMD agent of your platform.

      1680045 - Release Note for Software Provisioning Manager 1.0 SP18

      Kind regards

  13. Hi  Mauricio,  hi Diego,

    I'm the product owner for SAP Solution Manager 7.20 Managed System Configuration, and for the SWPM based Diagnostics Agent installation routine.

    Diego, thanks for the very fast response, and yes it is all true what you write. I'd like to suggest that we see  if the 140 installed agents can be migrated without re-install.

    Mauricio, can you please create a ticket on SV-SMG-INS-AGT, so that we can evaluate if for 7.3 SP3 agents a migration without re-install is possible.


  14. Former Member

    Thanks Pieter and Diego

    For our team is very difficult migrate 140 agents from 7.3 SP3 to 7.4.

    If 7.3 is compatible with Solman 7.2 not make sense to move 140 agents to 7.4 

    I will open a ticket to SAP and let the community know the resolution 

    Thanks both

  15. Former Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to connect a Diagnostic Agent on a Windows 2012 server residing on another network then our Solman. For this, my guess is that we have to go through the SAP Web Dispatcher.

    I  created two entries in the Web Dispatcher:


    icm/server_port_5 = PROT=HTTP,PORT=8003

    wdisp/system_5 = SID=SMP,MSHOST=solman_server,MSPORT=8100,SRCSRV=*:8003
    icm/server_port_6 = PROT=HTTP,PORT=8004
    wdisp/system_6 = SID=SMP,MSHOST=solman_server,MSPORT=8101,SRCSRV=*:8004

    ** 8100 = MS port

    ** 8101 = SCS port


    When registering the DAA to both ports (8003 or 8004):

    .\smdsetup managingconf hostname:"sapms://webdispatcher" port:"8003" user:"SMD_ADMIN" pwd:"XXXXXX"

    I'm getting the following error:

    Connecting to SMD server ms://webdispatcher:8003/P4 failed - error counter: 1 - Exception while trying to get InitialContext. [Root exception is invalid response from message server: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found]#


    When using this command:

    .\smdsetup managingconf hostname:"webdispatcher" port:"8004" user:"SMD_ADMIN" pwd:"XXXXXX"

    I'm getting those errors:

    SMD Agent connection status changed from LAST_CONNECT_ON_ERROR to CONNECTING#
    SMDConnector.resetBroker] reset the p4 broker (close:true)#
    SMDConnector.resetBroker] p4 broker closed.#
    Local P4 port opened on port '59804'.#
    Local P4 server configured with transport layer 'None'.#
    SMDConnector.resetBroker] p4 broker initialized.#
    p4://] Checking server availability...#
    SMDAgent.IConnectionStatusListener.statusChanged] SMD Agent connection status changed from CONNECTING to LAST_CONNECT_ON_ERROR#
    Connecting to SMD server p4://webdispatcher:8004 failed - error counter: 7 - Exception while trying to get InitialContext. [Root exception is Cannot establish connection with any of the available instances:
    webdispatcher:8004 Reason: Cannot open connection on host: webdispatcher and port: 8004]#


    I noticed that the Web Dispatcher port 8004 is redirected to port 50000 of the Solman.

    Thanks for your helps!



    1. HI Julie,

      First of all kindly make sure your SAP Web Dispatcher has a recent version/kernel, and then first try out a simple P4 connection (load balanced by the SAP Web Dispatcher).

      Note: I assume your above icm/server_port_x parameter was not appropriate.

      • icm/server_port_<x> = PROT=P4, PORT=<Port_5xx04_on_Web_Dispatcher_receiving_Agent_P4_connections_from_other_network>
      • wdisp/system_<y> = SID=<XXX>, MSHOST=<Hostname_of_SAP_Solution_Manager_Java_SCS>, MSPORT=<Port_of_SAP_Solution_Manager_Java_Message_Server>, SRCSRV=*:<Port_5xx04_on_Web_Dispatcher_receiving_Agent_P4_connections_from_other_network>

      Then  configure the Diagnostics Agent with:

      • .\smdsetup managingconf hostname:"<Hostname_of_SAP_Web_Dispatcher>" port:"<Port_5xx04_on_Web_Dispatcher_receiving_Agent_P4_connections_from_other_network>"

      Let me know if this works. I think the inconvenience of the above approach is that the Diagnostics Agent won't open a P4/S connection to all SAP Solution Manager Java instances (which is the expected behavior), as it doesn't know the SAP Solution Manager Java message server. So we would have to try out additional profile parameters.

      Best regards,


  16. Former Member

    Thank you Oliver for your fast and detailed reply... (smile) I tried the configuration you suggested but it it still not working.

    I'll look at our Solution Manager in case there is something wrong.

    Best Regards,


  17. Hi,

    1st of all its a great & useful post...

    we have around 700-750 sap systems in distributed installation that means each of them having 4 virtual hosts which comes 2400+ hosts... and all of them having their diagnostic agents which are connected to their respective solution manager 6 in count, all over the world.. 

    now the query is we want to centralize one solution manager instead of 6.

    1. can we connect 2400+ diagnostic agents to this solman system?
    2. will this solman perform well after peroper sizing?

    is there any specific note available for the same...

    waiting to hear from you asap..


    Gagandeep Singh

    1. Hi Singh,

      In my opion, yes, but you need change some WilyIntroscope parameters, and HW resources too. In my case, we have 700 technical sistems connected to our solman. All of this systems have 3-4 virtual hostnames.


  18. Hello,

    I need to unregister/delete a previous Diagnostic Agent because it want to register a new one pointing to the same SLD but we're getting the next error:

    java.rmi.RemoteException: Agent Registration failed: [SMDManager.registerPendingAgent] Receive registration for an already existing entry. Registration REJECTED

    we deleted the entries into sld and into Agent Admin application without success.

    Any suggestion to resolve this?

    Thanks in advance


    1. Hi Segio,

      try following the steps of this SAP note: 1907909  - How to connect Diagnostics Agent to Solution Manager system directly by using smdsetup script


    2. This error message only occurs if the "old" Diagnostics Agent is still connected. To fix this issue, you do not need to delete it in the SLD/LMDB, but you just need to stop or uninstall the old Diagnostics Agent. Once it is offline, the new agent can connect.