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You can find all needed downloads and related information in the following list

Agent's & Plugins

Related Documentation


Diagnostics Agent

Latest Installation & Setup Guide.
Refer to Diagnostics Agent Installer Versions

Setup Certificate based authentication 
Diagnostics Agent Installation Strategy
Diagnostics Agents Mass Deployment

SAP Host Agent 7.20

Installation Note

If needed follow SAP Note 1031096 - Installing Package SAPHOSTAGENT.

Make sure that you setup the automatic upgrade feature as described in SAP Note 1473974 - Using the SAP Host Agent Auto Upgrade Feature.


Use RTCCTOOL to make sure that all prerequesites are fulfilled

Introscope ByteCode Agent


SCA needs to be deployed to the SAP Solution Manager system, the ByteCode Agent will be deployed
You have to deploy IS Agent 8 & IS Agent 9 if you use Introscope 9

CA Wily Introscope



Installation Guide

Wily 9 Release Note
Available Management Modules for Introscope 9

Software & Patches



Installation & Upgrade DVD's for SolMan 7.1

Installation & Upgrade Guides

Go to "Installations and Upgrades -> S -> SAP SOLUTION MANAGER -> SAP SOLUTION MANAGER 7.1"

Support Package Stacks for SolMan 7.1



Patches for LMSERVICE



SLD - CIM Model & CR Content

SLD Content Update Note


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