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How to solve error "No configuration for main instance" in E2E Diagnostics applications ?

Although your system your system is not listed in the SAP note 1010428, you can always define your system as one of the products supported in the note.

For example: if you look at SAP note 1010428 you won't find SAP E-recruiting, hence we can conclude it is not supported as a product.
However, SAP E-recuiting might have ECC or ERP system altogether with E-recruiting components installed. If this is true, you must use these components in SLD/SMSY so they can be used for E2E Diagnostics.

I'm getting a pop up screen asking for User name and Password each time I navigate in E2E Workload Analysis tabs.

This is a known issue in SAPGui with WebDynpro, BSP and SSO. Because of this behaviour the usage of WebDynpro is not officially supported in SAPGui, but only in Standalone Browsers or the NWBC. SAP note 1098009 states:  " Web Dynpro ABAP does not provide a controled behavior for the new  window (Ctrl+N) functionality of Web browsers. This browser  function should not be used as part of the application flow. " It is exactly what happens when you click on the E2E Workload Analysis tabs, it opens a IFRAME, hence it is a new window.

The solution is to call the Solution Manager Workcenter in the Web Browser. You can use the following URL:
Last but not least, remember to properly set SSO to ensure there's no issue with HTTPS. Refer to SAP note 1121248.

The issue is not related to Solution Manager directly but a general restriction of displaying BI web templates in a WebDynpro iFrame User Interface element within an HTML control in SAPGUI.

You can assume that this will not change in future Solution Manager releases as it is a limitation of the infrastructure rather than of the application itself.

I have performed a system copy but the old host name is still in use in the URLs.

In transaction rz10, select Instance Profile, Extended Maintenance, maintain the proper icm host name parameter. Please restart the system after change the icm parameter, as it is a non-dynamic parameter.

The main notes to perform URL and PORT changes are 1297849 & 805344

Once the Diagnostics Agent is installed, do we need to update the kernel files to a new version?

Unlike other SAP System the Diagnostics Agent is updated automatically and therefore there is no need to upgrade it. The update is deployed to the Agent by the Solution Manager.

The release of the agent is linked to SAPinst only as long as the agent is not connected to the Solution Manager.  The SMD Agent 7.11 is refereed as 7.11 because it uses SAPINST 7.11, SMD Agent 7.20 because it uses SAPINST 7.20,  and so on.

As soon as it is connected to its release is upgraded automatically and therefore the release of the agent follows the release of Solution Manager system it is connected to.

If you check the Agent Administration link, you will be able to see the current agent version.

You must not mix up the release of the agent (given in the Agent Administration UI  - SOLMAN) and the release of the binaries installed with the agent (/usr/sap/<DASID>/SYS/exe) or the release of SAPinst.

The release of the EXE can stay as it is except if a big issue is detected with the SAP EXE.

Having this said, if you install an agent using SAPinst 711 and another one using SAPinst 720, both connected to the same Solution Manager, their releases will be the same and they will behave the same way.

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