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Application Operations in SAP Solution Manager 7.2 provides System and Application Management capabilities for central monitoring, alerting, analytics, and administration of SAP centric cloud and on-premise solutions.

This wiki content has been moved to the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 expert portal.  Any child pages of this wiki are deprecated and no longer maintained.


Guided Procedure Authoring 7.20 is a set of tools, including Guided Procedure Browser, Guided Procedure Maintenance and Guided Procedure Logbook, to create, maintain and execute guided procedures in different scopes (technical system, host, databases...) and for different application areas (technical operation, exception management...)

The customer can build his own guided procedure to fix problems automatically or manually.

SAP delivers a set of guided procedures that the customer can execute directly or use as templates to create own guided procedures.

The customer cannot change the SAP guided procedures directly. 

SAP provides regular updates of their guided procedures and allows the customer to import/apply the GP new content without waiting for a Support Package or a Release. Updating SAP guided procedures is managed by the Content Delivery framework (more details about how the customer will be notified when new contents are available, and how to import the updates, are in GPA Content Delivery 7.2 section).

Cross Topics

The GPA tools are used  in different contexts (SolMan Setup, work centers,...) and application areas (IT task management, Exception Management, Alerting and Monitoring...)

These include:

SAP Solution Manager Setup 

Technical Administration

Guided Procedure Authoring Tools

Within SAP Solution Manager, the number of Guided Procedures delivered by the Guided Procedure Framework is increasing quickly, and a tool is required to maintain and/or create them. This tool is Guided Procedure Authoring

It contains the following tools:

Build & Run

Build and Run a Guided Procedure 7.20

  • How and where to start this application?
  • Show how to run and get information after running Guided Procedure in the Log Book, with or without instances

Best Practices

What are the best practices to follow ?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions