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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:
Do you know if is possible to move existing steps to a parent step? I tried to do this, but there is no option to move. If I pick the option existing steps, I get no steps offered.

There is one possibility, not really nice perhaps but at least it works.

Let’s assume you have a GP1 active. In your GP2 you can add into a parent step, a standard step from this GP1.

Maybe you can activate your actual GP, and from another GP (copy your initial GP for example) add the same step by copy into your parent step.

Question 2:

Hello, I have a question regarding the use of GP by reference in SP3:

  1. I create a GP A for Job AAA.
  2. I create a GP B for Job BBB by reference to GP A.
  3. Now I change GP A. To my understanding, the changes should apply to GP B but they are not. Why?

 I mean what is the point of the reference then?

I thought I was to reduce maintenance effort. But from what I understand: if I change GP A and want those changes in GP B, I delete GP B and create a new reference.

If that is the case, I could just add job BBB to the search attributes of GP A, right?


Well apparently you are using an older release of Solution Manager Guided Procedure Authoring. Unfortunately, when you try to create by reference GP B from GP A and then make changes to GP A. There seems to be a non synchronization in version level and thus, the changes won't be applied to the referenced GP.

Starting from SP5, a new functionality has been implemented in order to update step by step the version in GP by Reference and in your case, GP B. So for the time being, you will need to delete the older GP by reference and create a new one whenever you make changes to GP A.
I hope this answers your query. Thanks for your understanding.  








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