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The Guided Procedure Log provides an overview of executed guided procedure instances in selectable timeframes. The Guided Procedure Log is accessible from Guided Procedure Browser for the selected scope and for the selected guided procedure. It shows all executed guided procedure instances for the selected scope that were started in a selectable time interval.


The Guided Procedure Log is structured as follows:

  • The header shows the selected managed object scope. The default timeframe is the last seven days. You can change the timeframe, and click on Show Logs button, to display the GP instances executed within this time frame for the selected scope.


  • The filtering section filters the list of instances by their status, it also shows how many guided procedure execution instances have been :

          - executed with error

          - executed partially

          - executed completely and without error

          - Created but not yet started in the selected timeframe for the selected managed object.

You can also select or deselect statuses so that, for example, only guided procedure execution instances with error are displayed.



  • The list below shows all guided procedure execution instances last accessed in the related timeframe, with status, version, timestamp of last access, processor, which managed objects were involved in the guided procedure, and the comment the processor entered in the Complete step. Depending on your authorization, you can also continue to process an unfinished guided procedure execution instance here, or start a new one.
  • From the step overview, you can drill down to the steps of the selected guided procedure execution instance. It provides information about the status and log messages of the executed steps of the selected guided procedure execution instance.


  • The Log section displays the logs of the selected step.The logs of a guided procedure can be deleted with the button "Delete logs" in the GP overview section:

The following functions are offered in this section:

1/Export to Microsoft Excel:

Export the guided procedures instances table to an Excel document.


2/Show details:

The “show details” button opens the runtime of the selected guided procedure instance.




The “continue” button allows the user to go directly to the runtime of the selected GP and continue the execution of the selected GP instance.


4/Start new instance

This function creates and runs a new instance of the selected guided procedure.


5/Export to HTML

This new function in SP12 exports all information related to the execution of the selected GPs into an HTML report.

You can select which parts to include in the report:


The report contains the GP instances executions details.

The following screenshot shows an example of sections of the report:

  • Statistics:
  • Details of GPs:
  • Details of GP (details of steps & activities):




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