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  • How to create Guided Procedures for different Application Areas

The Guided Procedure Authoring (GPA) tools maintains guided procedures for different purposes, in different SAP Solution Manager applications.

The guided procedures are grouped into "Application Areas" in the Guided Procedure Browser (GPB) .

Depending on the Application Area and the Scope (i.e. Technical System, Host...), different search attributes are provided for filtering.

Only the most relevant guided procedure are then  displayed automatically.

  More details in this page


  • Selection of the system type

Select at least one system of the type (e.g. ABAP or JAVA) for which you want to create a guided procedure.

If you select the wrong type, you could experience problems later, when defining manual activities with navigation links to the managed system.


  • How to use prefix namespace for package

When starting the transaction gpa_admin and trying to create a guided procedure. In input value of filed "Package for Documents", you put a package name with prefix namespace. Then you are blocked to create this GP with an error "Enter a valid package".

A prefix namespace has a name with at least 5 and a maximum of 10 digits, and the first digit and last digit must be slashes (/.../).

If you are using SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP03 to SP06, you should implement the SAP Note 2587302 or upgrade to a higher version to be able to use the prefix namespace for package.

  • How to use Guided procedures from older SP

Some issues may be encountered with using Guided procedures from SPs older than Solution Manager 7.2 SP6 or higher. this is mainly because the program enforce a more strict GPA syntax check. This will result in having errors when checking or executing old Guided Procedures instances with the following features:
  1. Step is not set as optional, but all the activities of this step are optional.
  2. Step is set as optional, but some activity (or activities) of this step are not optional.
  3. Parent step is not optional, but all the sub-steps are optional.

In order to fix this problem, it would be advised to:

implement this SAP Note 2610566. Then start solman_setup transaction which will trigger the GPA migration program in the background. After migration done, the old Guided Procedures should be updated and aligned with SP06 GP syntax check.

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