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SAP Solution Manager Setup & Configuration

Welcome to the Wiki with information about all topics around setup and configuration of SAP Solution Manager.
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SAP Solution Manager Configuration (SOLMAN_SETUP)

SAP Solution Manager offers a guided configuration. You can access it with transaction code SOLMAN_SETUP or with the launchpad tile Configuration - All Scenarios. It allows an easy and fast step-by-step configuration of SAP Solution Manager. So it is easy to keep track of the open and performed tasks. You can postpone activities and easly access them later on by calling SOLMAN_SETUP again. A lot of previously time-consuming steps are now done automatically. Additionally, SOLMAN_SETUP allows to configure all managed systems from one central entry point. 

All steps of the configuration scenarios have a consistent design, which makes it easier for you to navigate. At the top of a configuration scenario, you see a roadmap telling you where you are within the configuration process. Every step contains a Help section, providing detailed information, such as what needs to be done and what will happen in the background. The Activities section, lists all activities along with a documentation. These documentations describe what exactly has to be done, e.g. in manual steps, and also provides error-handling procedures. The Log section shows detailed logs for every activity that was performed.

Configuration of SAP Solution Manager 7.2 

Configuration of SAP Solution Manager 7.1

The configuration of the SAP Solution Manager system itself consists of two parts, which are explained in detail here:

7.1 SP14

7.1 SP13

7.1 SP12

7.1 SP10

Additional Resources


Here you find information on tools that help with troubleshooting problems






  1. Former Member

    Hello ,  I am looking to automate document approvals in Solution Manager.  While the digital signature feature is availabe, I am looking to use basic notifications.

    Some of the options I am considering are usinig the status notification in BSVW or utilizing the CRM functionality around actions. By defining a set of conditions around status and trigering off of SOLAR02, my thought was to send out notifications to a group of users. I would need to build a project organizational structure to determine whom to send the notifications to. However, adding SOLAR02 to the transaction triggering does not seem possible. Has anyone ever done this?  What have been you experiences?

  2. Former Member

    Great Work, Guys !!!

  3. Former Member

    Hello Guys 

    I'm Searching the configuration Guide VAR for SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2 becausse I need to check the status connections to Enterpise Support customers and Activate another configurations.

    Anyone can tell me  where I colud find that Guide, please