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Hi  Guys  as we have seen in the installation guide how to Install Wily Enterprise Manager.  Which show a bigger picture considering all possible enviornment and landscape scnarion. Here following installation guide I have created a user test case , there we will how how to install latest  Enterprise Manager 9.1.5 and deploy relevant Management Module file , In this file below you will  see all required media file being used for Enterprise Manager Installation and the correct sequence of installation.

Note : This whole steps have been performed on MS Windows server 2003 Enterprise Eddition X64 bit encoding,  So in your case the file name could be different.
For compatiblity  with  Solution Manager and Isagent  please refer to these SAP Note below.

1565954  : ( section 8 )  Introscope 9 Release Notes
 797147   : Introscope Installation for SAP Customers.

Key point mentioned in this document: 

  • Correct media file name and location from where you need to download the file .
  • How to run installer setup file.
  • How to deploy Management Module file after Installation of EM.
  • Importent files to make changes of installation. Ex: Port no , Installation path and theri directory.


First we will download all required media file from Service Market Place

**************************** Only these file below is required for Enterprise Manager Installation *********************************

Note : In all those text file you need to change the value to accept manually before you  launch this setup file 

Now after that you are good to go ahead to run this  file  <<   introscope9.1.5.0windowsAMD64SAP.exe   >>  from root.  This  exe file create a folder C:\usr\sap\ccms\apmintroscope   and extract all required file in it which is by default ,  Note if you want to install in different folder then you can open this  file  from the media dump folder and put the new value for this filed   USER_INSTALL_DIR= D:\\usr\\sap\\ccms\\apmintroscope\\ 

At the end of you will have this folder created on the specified location there you need to copy the Management Module file WILY_IS_MM15_0-10010973.SAR  from the downloaded media folder and uncar in the same place.

 The uncar of file WILY_IS_MM15_0-10010973.SAR create script folder in the Root and create java script file Wich is also called Management Module.

At the end of it you can check if all ok or not , you can call EM  using this link below













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