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Initial Configuration

The Initial Configuration in SolMan_Setup needs to be performed at least once to prepare the SAP Solution Manager System for the rest of the configuration after a fresh installation and consists of the following three steps.

User Administration

This steps creates or updates an Administration User that can be later on used for the complete configuration of the SAP Solution Manager system, but also for ongoing operations tasks. The default user name is SOLMAN_ADMIN, but this can be changed based on your needs.

  1. Enter the needed data
    • Choose if you want to create a new user, or update an existing user
    • For a new user: Provide an initial passwort (Needs to be changed after first logon)
    • In the field Administrator Role you can choose a name for the role that is automatically generated for the user (default: ZSAP_SOLMAN_ADMIN)
  2. Click Execute

During the execution of this activity the user is created, assigned to the needed roles and a business partner is created for the user.

Manual Configuration

If you want to perform these activities manually, please refer to the Diagnostics User Administration Guide in chapter 2.3.1.

ABAP Configuration

This step prepares the ABAP stack of the SAP Solution Manager system for further configuration. The following actions are done in this step:

  • Configure the Solution Manager system itself in transcation SMSY (Create product system, create system component for the Java stack, assign correct product version to system and assign the Java stack to the ABAP stack)
  • Create a logical system for the current client
  • Activate SDCCN

  1. Click Execute

Common Errors

  • No http port for system XXX: This error message in the log is caused by wrong table entries in table SMSY_SYSTEM_NODE. This happens often after system copies or change in SID, HTTP ports or server names. To correct it, open transaction SE16 select the table SMSY_SYSTEM_NODE and search for the active entries for your Solution Manager SID. Then correct the port and servername entries according to your system details.

Manual Configuration

J2EE Configuration

Common Errors

  • Wrong URL calculated


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