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SAP Solution Manager needs to be installed to start guided procedures of solman_setup


Follow the Installation Guides

Estimated Effort

  • Download Software (runtime depends on internet connection bandwidth) ~ 12 -24 h
  • Prepare OS (check/set OS Kernel Parameter, import patches (depends on patch level existing, set timezone) check only ~ 1h
  • Run SAP Inst (runtime depends on given Hardware) ~ 16 - 20 h
  • Setup minimal configuration CTS, timezone, company adress
  • Patch kernel ~ 1 hour
  • Import ABAP SP (runtime depends on given Hardware) ~ 8 - 22 h
  • Import Java SP latest patch level (runtime depends on given Hardware) ~ 1 - 4 h
  • Run post installation steps (install license, setup remote connectivity, client copy., web dispatcher installation, etc) ~2- 4 h

Package Owner

OS department (can be requested as service of SMSP, tbd with TQM)