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Required Actions

Remind to comply with the prerequisites applicable to both, the SAP Solution Manager system and the managed systems - depending on your release:

Here below, find an overview of the usual work packages to be addressed. 

Work Package


Valid for

More Information

Connect Managed System to SLD

Connect all managed systems to the SLD before starting the configuration.

Maintain transaction RZ70.


Connect Managed Systems to SLD

Maintain Visual Administrator - SLD DS Configuration.


Connect Managed Systems to SLD

Verify the "Hosts file" format on every hosts

Verify the "Hosts File" format has correctly been define following the Mandatory Standard.

allRefer to

Plan port availability (network/firewall)

Establish a network connection between the managed system landscape and the managing landscape.


Refer to Solution Manager / Secure Configuration Guide: Search: Required TCP/IP Ports

Plan user availability (user/security)

Executing the step "Users & Authorizations" is a prerequisite of the Managed System Configuration. Required users can be created automatically using the Managed System Configuration, but it can be necessary to create these users manually beforehand due to security reasons.


SAP Solution Manager guides / Security / Secure Configuration Guide:

For automatic user creation an administration user on the managed system is required.

SAP Solution Manager guides / Security / Secure Configuration Guide: 

For manual user creation, the following users are needed on the managed system and need to be created before the execution of the Managed System Configuration:

  • Technical users for RFC - Connections READ and TMW [MANAGED.ABAP.RFC]
  • Technical user SM_COLL_<SIDofSolutionManager>
  • Technical user SMDAGENT_<SIDofSolutionManager> for Wily Host Agent [MANAGED.ABAP.WILYAGT]
  • Database user SAP<SID>DB [MANAGED.DB.USER] (Is created during the setup of the managed system, but needs to be known for the DBA cockpit connection.)
    In order to create the BACK RFC destinations from the managed system to the SAP Solution Manager system, the following user is needed: Technical User for RFC - connection BACK <SMB_<SIDofManagedSystem>>[MANAGING.ABAP.RFC]

SAP Solution Manager guides / Security / Secure Configuration Guide 

Refer to the user ID mentioned on the users in brackets to find which roles and authorizations are needed.

Note 2257213 - Authorizations for RFC users for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP02 and higher

RFC connectivity

Normally, the RFC connections from the SAP Solution Manager to the managed system are created during the managed system setup. If this is not possible, create the following RFC connections:

  • READ
  • TMW


SAP Solution Manager guides / Security / Secure Configuration Guide 

Diagnostics AgentsThe rollout of the agents is a prerequisite for the Managed Systems Configuration, as indicated below. The agents can be installed manually or automatically. all

Determine where to install a Diagnostics Agent.

SAP Note 1365123 - Agent Installation Strategy

Diagnostics Agents in High Availability environments

Diagnostics Agent and HA Support

Manual installation of Diagnostics Agents

SAP Note 1833501: Diagnostics Agent - Installer Versions: section "Installer Notes" => "Current"

illustrated tours are available here:

Automated installation of Diagnostics Agents

SAP Note 1833501: Diagnostics Agent - Installer Versions: section "Mass Deployment Notes" => "Current"

[Relevant only with SAP Solution Manager 7.1]
Enable certificate-based authentication of Diagnostics Agents

Setup Certificate Based Authentication for Diagnostics Agents

SAP Host Agents


Install an SAP Host Agent.

Install SAP HostAgent
SAP Note 1031096 - Installing Package SAPHOSTAGENT

Enable a central update of the SAP Host Agent.

SAP Note 1473974- Automatic Update of SAP Host Agent

Enable a trusted connection between the SAP Host Agent and a Diagnostics Agent.

Enable trusted connection


Implement the latest plugins (ST-A/PI & ST-PI).


Run RTCCTOOL from transaction ST13 for SE38.

Plan restart

During the execution of the Managed System Configuration for J2EE system, the Introscope Byte Code Adapter gets deployed and a restart of the managed system is needed. As it is not necessary to execute this restart during the configuration, it should be planned in advance.



To allow more efficient tracking, you can use the Managed System Setup checklist.

Common Issues

Check the list of common issues before starting the Managed System Configuration.

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    shouldn't the SMD_AGT_ADM User [MANAGED.DUAL.AGTCOM] also be listed as a required user?