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Define Scenario Scope

Which scenarios should be considered


Get clear landscape picuture regarding SolMan and managed objects

"How does the system landscape look like?
How many SolMans?


Which systems should be connected where?

How are the system build (HA/DR)"

Define Set of managed objects and fill managed systems list

Which managed system should be connected to the Solution Manager

see Managed System checklist

Verify sizing of Solution Manager

Based on the scoping, perform a resizing

see Sizing Toolkit

Check if central SLD is in place and systems are connected

All systems should be connected to a central SLD and the reported system data should be up to date

see Managed System checklist

Check & deploy software prerequisites for managed systems?

ST-A/PI and ST-PI are needed on ABAP systems. Deploy the latest available version during the normal maintenance cycle of the managed systems (but before the SolMan is upgraded)

see Managed System checklist

Check needed users for managed system / SLD / Introscope and network connectivity


Security Guide (

Deploy needed CR Content to SLD


see SAP Note 669669

Install/Update Introscope

latest available version

Download Link in SWDC 
Installation / Upgrade Guide for Introscope (
Release Notes for Introscope"
Introscope Enterprise Manager high availability setup (

Deploy SAP Host Agents

on all physical hosts

Download Link in SWDC
How to setup central automatic update for SAP Host Agent

Deploy Diagnostics Agents

"on all virtual hosts for Introscope / SolMan / managed objects

<see worksheet ""Managed Systems"""
"Agent Installation Strategy Note
Diagnostics Agent Installation Guide
Mass Installation of Diagnostics Agents
Download link in SWDC"

Decide on Installation vs. Upgrade of SolMan

"What you should know about Solution Manager PPT

Upgrade Planner

Run SGEN to avoid unnecessary compile time after installation or upgrade


Transaction SGEN

Perform System Preparation in solMan_Setup

Once per Solution Manager

SolMan Setup PPT

Perform Basic Configurationin solMan_Setup

Once per Solution Manager

SolMan Setup PPT

Configure Managed Systems

Once per managed system

SolMan Setup PPT

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