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As of SAP Solution Manager 7.10 SP10 and the releases of SAP Netweaver JAVA 7.30 SP08, 7.31 SP04 and higher, the Portal Activity Reporting configuration is done automatically during the Managed System Configuration. This WIKI page provides information about the configuration and troubleshooting of Portal Activity Reporting in the SAP Solution Manager.

Obs: For SAP Netweaver Java 7.50 Systems on SAP Solution Manager 7.1, please implement the SAP Note 2487737 - Netweaver 7.5 support for activitty 'Register ADC Collector' in solman_setup in order to proceed with the Managed System Configuration of activity "Register ADC Collector" and then assign the Extractor Templates for the System in SAP Solution Manager as described in the KBA: 

 2481724 - Portal Activity Reporting for SAP Netweaver 7.50 - SAP Solution Manager 7.1 and 7.2


The SAP Solution Manager Root Cause Analysis applications provides the possibility to have Portal Activity Reporting information in the Workload Analysis for the SAP Netweaver portal systems. To offer this feature the SAP Solution Manager collects the information from the files generated by Portal Activity Data Collector (ADC) through the Diagnostics Agents. Basically, the Portal ADC is configured to generate files containing the portal activity information, then a extractor is scheduled hourly in the SAP Solution Manager to collect this information and store it in the Solman. The extractor trigger the data collection through the Diagnostics Agents installed in the SAP Portal servers. The following picture provides an overview about the architecture:


As of SAP Solution Manager 7.10 SP10 and the releases of SAP Netweaver JAV 7.30 SP08, 7.31 SP04 and higher, the Portal Activity Reporting setup in Solution Manager was fully automated. It is not required to perform the Portal Activity Data Collector configuration manually as it was in the past. The mentioned SAP Portal systems releases provided a 'hidden' ADC configuration that is configured remotely by the SP Solution Manager system to generate the required Portal Activity Reporting files. This hidden ADC configuration is independent of the standard Portal ADC, this means that it is still possible to use the standard Portal ADC to generate custom ADC files as usual no matter if the configuration of the Portal Activity Reporting in the SAP Solution Manager is enabled.


1) Run activity 'Register ADC Collector' in the Managed System Configuration

To perform the configuration of Portal Activity Reporting for the mentioned releases of SAP Solution Manager and Portal system execute the automatic 'Register ADC Collector' in the Managed System Configuration for the target system. The activity 'Register ADC Collector' is available in step Finalize Configuration, the following picture describes where the activity can be found:

The activity 'Register ADC Collector' will configure the Active Data Collector of the Portal system to generate the Portal Activity files with the correct format used by the SAP Solution Manager, the activity will also activate the Extractor 'WORKLOAD ANALYSIS (PORTAL ACTIVITY REPORTING)' which will trigger the data collection in the Diagnostics Agents.

NOTE: The activity 'Register ADC Collector' is shown for the SAP Portal systems which have the Software Component Version EP APPLICATION EXTENSIONS correctly defined in the LMDB. In case the activity '' is not shown in the Managed System Configuration, ensure that the target system indeed has the Software Component Version EP APPLICATION EXTENSIONS and that this component is defined the LMDB.

2) Use activity WebDynpro to ensure that the configuration is correct

The Portal Activity Reporting will work correctly when the Portal Activity files are generated in the correct place and format expected by the Diagnostics Agents that will collect the information. To get details about the configuration and ensure that it is correct, click in the 'Start Web Dynpro' link of the activity 'Register ADC Collector'. This link will open a WebDynpro where it is possible to check whether the configuration in the Portal and SMDAgents are correct. In case the configuration in the Portal system is not compliance with the one expected by the Diagnostics Agents the WebDynpro will indicate the issue, for example if the folder name is incorrect the following message will be shown:

  • ADC collector is currently registered on <SID >with these parameters. BUT the Diagnostics Agent is configured with a different folder name: portalActivityTraces. Please unregister ADC collector and register again

The following picture describes the Webdynpro with the error message:

In case the message above is shown in the WebDynpro, then use click on button 'Unregister ADC Collector' and then click on 'Register ADC Collector'. These steps will configure the Portal ADC correctly and the WebDynpro will show message:

  • The ADC collector has been successfully registered

The following picture describes the WebDynpro with a successful configuration:

HINT: Ensure that the field 'Close Files Hourly' is select, otherwise Portal Activity Reporting data in the Solman might have a delay depending on the load of the Portal system.

3) Check Portal Activity Information in the Workload Analysis

After finish and ensure that the Portal Activity Reporting configuration is correct in the SAP Solution Manager system, then after one or two hours the Portal Activity Reporting data will be available in the Workload Analysis for the Portal system:

  1. Transaction SM_WORKCENTER
  2. Root Cause Analysis Workcenter
  3. End-to-End Analysis
  4. Select target system
  5. Start Workload Analysis
  6. Go to tab Enterprise Portal
  7. Go to tab Portal Activity Reporting

Housekeeping Information

In order to have a stable amount of data in the Portal servers, the housekeeping of the files generated by the Portal Active Data Collector is performed in the following ways, by default the housekeeping are active, the housekeeping of the files will be performed in the condition that is met firstly:

  • Portal ADC Housekeeping

The Portal ADC application has its own housekeeping feature to keep the stable the size of the ADC Reporting files in the system's servers. The configuration of the Portal ADC housekeeping is done configuring the property 'Max Storage Allocation (KB)' in the Portal ADC configuration. This property can be modified in the WebDynpro of the activity 'Register ADC Collector' as shown in section above. By default the automatic configuration shown in the above section configures the Portal ADC with a Max Storage Allocation parameter of 102400 (~100MB).

  • Diagnostics Agents Housekeeping

Diagnostics Agents of the Portal system are also configured to perform the housekeeping of the Portal ADC files, however as the Portal systems that support the automatic configuration explained in this WIKI also have their own housekeeping feature the diagnostic agent housekeeping is still active but no longer needed and can be deactivated if required.

By default the Diagnostics Agents are configured to delete all ADC files older than 72 hours, the configuration of the housekeeping performed by the Diagnostics Agents can be changed/disabled as follows:

  1. Acess the Agent Admin UI (http://<solman_host>:<java_http_port>/smd/AgentAdmin)
  2. Go to Applications Configuration tab
  3. Select agent application '' (left pane)
  4. Select the target Diagnostics Agents in 'Scope' (DO NOT USE GLOBAL)

The properties 'smd.padc.cleanup' and 'smd.padc.file_max_age_in_hours' can be modified to change the behavior of the housekeeping performed by the Diagnostics Agents, these properties can be configured as follows:

smd.padc.cleanupEnable or Disable the ADC files housekeeping performed by the Diagnostics Agents

true  = ADC Housekeeping enabled in Diagnosics Agents

false = ADC Housekeeping disabled

smd.padc.file_max_age_in_hoursMaximum age for the Portal ADC files, that is, the Diagnostics Agents will delete all ADC Files with an age higher than the number of hours specified in this parmetes.File age in number of hours.


In case of problems to display the Portal Activity Reporting data in the Workload Analysis for the Managed System, use the following troubleshooting steps:

1) Check if WORKLOAD ANALYSIS (PORTAL ACTIVITY REPORTING) is active and running fine

The data collection is triggered by the extractor called WORKLOAD ANALYSIS (PORTAL ACTIVITY REPORTING), ensure that this extractor is active and running without errors. Use the steps below to find the extractor in the Extractor Framework, then check columns 'Active' and 'Last Execution' to get details about the extractor. When the extractor is selected its logs are shown in the bottom of the page.

  1. Transaction SM_WORKCENTER;
  2. SAP Solution Manager Administration;
  3. Infrastructure;
  4. Framework;
  5. Extractor Framework;
  6. Find extractor WORKLOAD ANALYSIS (PORTAL ACTIVITY REPORTING) of the target portal system;

2) Check if Portal Activity Reporting files are being generated correctly

The Porta Activity Reporting data is collected from the files which are generated by the Activity Data Collector of the Portal system. The activity 'Register ADC Collector' configures the Portal ADC to generate the files in the following location:

  • <drive:>/usr/sap/<SYSTEM_SID>/J<XX>/j2ee/cluster/server*/PADCTraces

Go to the location above in the Portal System operating system and check there are files called portalActivity_*_*.txt are being generated, these are the files where the information is collected from.

Check SMDAgent OS user permissions (UNIX Systems)

If the portal system runs on a UNIX server, ensure that the SMDagent OS user permissions are correctly configured as described in note 1163751. The SMDAgent OS user must have at least read permissions to access the Portal Activity Reporting files in the location shown above.

In case the portalActivity_*_*.txt files are not being generated in the Portal System, then proceed to step 3 below.

3) Check number of Additional Collectors in the Portal System

If the Portal Activity Files are not being generated at all, then firstly double check the ADC Configuration from the SAP Solution Manager system using the 'Registar ADC Collector' WebDynpro. 

If the configuration is correct from the Managed System Configuration side, then go to the NWA and check the configuration of the additional collectors in the Portal system using the following steps:

  1. Access Portal Application Modules
    1. http://<portal_host>:<http_port>/nwa/app-modules
  2. Search and select module ''
  3. Go to 'Portal Service Details -> Properties' table
  4. Ensure that property 'Number of Additional Collections' has value 1.

In case 'Number of Additional Collections' is configured with 0 the 'hidden' ADC used by the SAP Solution Manager is disabled. In this case, the generation of the Portal Activity Files for the SAP Solution Manager usage is disabled as well.

The following picture describes where the 'Number of Additional Collections' is available:

4) Check hidden ADC Configuration in the Portal system directly

In case it is required to double check the hidden ADC configuration directly in the Portal System, it is possible to find it using the following steps:

  1. Access the Portal Administration page (http://<portal_host>:<java_http_port>/irj/portal)
  2. Go to PCD Tools
  3. Click on 'Browse Info' in node ''
  4. Click on 'Browse Info' in node 'Activity_Data_Collector'
  5. Click on 'Browser INfo' in node 'Additional_ADC_Colletors'
  6. Click on 'AllProps' in node 'PADC'

The following picture describes how to reach the hidden ADC configuration;

The picture below shows the properties configured in the hidden ADC collector.

Ensure that the properties values in the hidden ADC collectors are according to the properties shown in the Setup WebDynpro.

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  1. Hi Allam,

    Thanks for the detailed blog. We have portal 7.4 system and solman 7.2. As per your blog we have done the configurations but somehow the portal activity reporting tab in solman is displaying no data ('No applicable data found'). I have crosschecked all configurations mentioned by you and followed troubleshooting steps. Everything is right. Can you please help us on troubleshooting further.




  2. Hi Amol,

    Unfortunately it is difficult to point out to you what could be wrong in your case without checking the system. I would check the following:

    • Are the Portal Activity Reporting files being generated correctly?
    • Is the folder name correct configured in the setup?
    • Does the SMDAgent OS user has read access to the files?
    • Is the Portal Activity Reporting Extractor running without issues?

    The Troubleshooting section of the WIKi provides the details for these checks. If you still see the problem, then I think it is better to open a SAP incident to check it.