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This wiki page describes the steps that are required to set up the XSA monitoring within the SAP Solution Manager 7.2.


The XSA metrics are not part of the HANA monitoring templates. Those are available in a separate template for XSA as of the SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP 5.


The orange frames indicate the Solution Manager, the managed system operation and its data flow for monitoring KPIs collection by the Solution Manager/agelet/XSA Monitoring Engine. “XSA Monitoring Engine” is an abstraction of “XS Controller” and “XS Execution Agent”, which collect monitoring information and expose it via REST API to agelet.

Managed System Configuration (MSC)-Related LMDB Check or Manual Update

The Managed System Setup is done in the same way as for any standard HANA installation (for details refer to the (HANA Operations wiki). Additionally to the HANA MSC steps, the following XSA specific settings are required:

In the LMDB on the "Product Instances (Details)" tab, the product instance "XS Advanced Runtime" should be available and flagged as "Diagnostics-Relevant".

Furthermore, the Software Component Version "SAP Extended App Services 1" should be flagged as "Installed" for the installation type "Used by System". In case, some of these settings are missing or even the SW version does not exist, please add/change it as shown on the screenshot below.

XSA Template for System Monitoring - Setup and Usage

In comparison to the standard HANA templates, which can be found under one of the relevant Database levels, XSA metrics are located in "XSA_APP_SERVICEST_SYSTEM" template on a Technical System level. In addition to the HANA DB templates, this template has to be assigned to the monitored HANA system in order to get the full picture (HANA + XSA in one view).

Template path: Application Operations - System Monitoring - Step 4 "Template Maintenance" - Technical System - XSA_APP_SERVICEST_SYSTEM:

Available XSA metrics:

At the step 6 "Setup Monitoring", the XSA template has to be assigned to the technical system of SAP HANA Database.

The updated template path of the Solution Manager 7.2 SP 8 is <Application Operations - System Monitoring - Step 4 "Template Maintenance" - Technical System - SAP HANA XS Advanced>, i.e. "XSA_APP_SERVICEST_SYSTEM"  is changed to "SAP HANA XS Advanced".

Monitoring UI

The results of the configured XSA monitoring can be found in the monitoring UI by selecting the relevant HANA system. By expanding the technical system tree, under System Availability and System Performance you should see the XSA specific metrics, like shown on the screenshot below.


Agent Variables Check or Manual Creation

In Agent Administration → Configuration →, select the host of the XSA server. Three properties should be defined as agent variable:
<SID>/xsa/com/user, <SID>/xsa/com/pwd and <SID>/xsa/com/apiurl. <SID> should be replaced by each XSA managed system unique longSid. The value of <SID>/xsa/com/apiurl can be obtained by logging in to the HANA XSA system as <sid>adm and run 'xs-admin-login --api'.

How to Create an XSA Monitor User With Minimum Roles

Example to create a user called ‘DEMO’:

1. By XSA Admin (Cockpit) UI create a user with the role XS_CONTROLLER_AUDITOR

  • Create a user called DEMO
  • DEMO User -> Icon “Assign Role Collections” → Add Button → Choose XS_CONTROLLER_AUDITOR
  • Save

2. At the XSA server side xs command “xs set-org-role DEMO orgname OrgAuditor”
orgname is got from “xs orgs”.

Update for XSA SPS04

Since XSA SPS04, a new role collection called "XS_CONTROLLER_ADMIN_READ_ONLY" is introduced. This role can access to Execution Agent availability and keep access on all endpoints SolMan or FRUN is currently using. With this role, no additional org role needs to be assigned any more. As result, starting XSA SPS04, you can only assign the role collection XS_CONTROLLER_ADMIN_READ_ONLY, without any org role assignment.


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