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Check the syslog (SLG1) in SAP Solution Manager for Errors after the Extractor Execution

Step 1 Activate the logging in the Extractor

It is possible to put the extractor in debug mode where the execution will write traces and errors to the SysLog (Transaction SLG1). The first step is to go to the Alerting Framework and select the extractor corresponding to your data collect:

  1. Navigate to Solution Manager Administration Work ccenter
  2. Select the  Infrastructure panel.
  3. Select the Alert Framework in the Framework menu.

Once you have selected your extractor:

  1. Go to Edit Mode in the Alerting Framework (top right hand corner)
  2. Select Expert Mode (Top left hand corner)
  3. Select your extractor (You should know which one from the previous check)
  4. Select the Extractor Detail followed by the Configuration tab (you can see these if you select expert mode).
  5. In the Configuration String Enter the "DEBUG=TRUE" string as shown in the screenshot below: 

Step 2 Check the syslog for errors or extra trace information

What is important to remember here is that you need to wait for the next execution of the extractor and then do not forget to look at the time of execution as you will use this to filter in the SLG1 as well the required objects. You can the execution time in the Extractor Log:
This is how to check sylog for errors:

  1. Go to the transaction SLG1 on the SAP Solution Manager
  2. Enter the object E2E_ALERTING and sub object "PROVIDER"
  3. Change the time to correspond to the execution of the extractor
  4. Hit execute and examine the logs

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