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Check: Outside Discovery reports no errors


  • Access Agent Administration console: [http://solman_host:solman_port/webdynpro/dispatcher/
  • Select tab Agent Log Viewer
  • Start Log Viewer
  • Filter severity Error
  • Filter location *dcc*
  • Check that no errors were reported recently
  • You can also download the logs from the link on the upper right and check files e2edcc*.log in folder "log"

    Links to Solution Manager Setup

  •  Solution Manager Setup -> System Preparation -> Prepare Landscape Description -> Prepare Outside Discovery
  • Logs/Traces

  • Diagnostics Agent logs are available locally on managed host under folder /usr/sap/<DAA>/SMDA<97>/SMDAgent/log/ (check files e2edcc*.log)

    More information

  • Component: SV-SMG-DIA-SVR-EFW
  • + Outside Discovery Troubleshooting Guide
  • SAP Note 1833501 - Diagnostics Agent Installer Versions
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