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Check: Metric values are reported by IS Agent


  • Access Alerting Directory Browser: [http://solman_host:solman_port/sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/wda_ac_dir_browser?sap-language=EN
  • Select Managed Object on the left menu
  • Select tab Metrics
  • Select metric to troubleshoot in the list
  • Select tab Data Collection
  • Check that metric is reported by IS Host Agent (parameter IS_AGENT_NAME)
  • Write down parameters COLL_HOSTS and IS_PATH
  • Access Introscope Investigator (Work Station or WebView) 
  • Expand node <server name> (see parameter COLL_HOSTS above)
  • Expand node SAP HostAgent Process
  • Expand node SAP HostAgent <?>, where <?> is Diagnostics Agent's Instance Id
  • Expand node IS_PATH writed down previously
  • Check that metric values are reported in the graph view on the right side

Links to Solution Manager Setup

  • Solution Manager Setup -> Managed System Configuration -> ConfigureSystem -> Configure Automatically -> Introscope Host Adapter 


  • Diagnostics Agent logs: /usr/sap/DAA/SMDA<??>/SMDAgent/log/SMDAgentApplication.*.log

More information

  • Component: XX-PART-WILY
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