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Check: Metrics have been received by the SAP Solution Manager DPC


When the Configuration String in the configuration of the extractor is set to DEBUG then the metrics collected by the DPC are written to the table E2E_DPC_RECEIVE. Follow the instructions below to see how to check if your particular metric is reporting. You don't necessarily need the metric id as you can search for the metric once you have the metric list in SE16.

There are three ways to get the metric id.

  1. Go to the Alerting Directory via the webdnypro application URL link  /sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/wda_ac_dir_browser
  2. In the System Monitoring select the metric and click right to have an option to configure the metric. This will give you an option open the template directly to reconfigure the Managed Object
  3. Go the Step 4 Template Maintenance in the Technical Monitoring and select the template that is applied for your Managed Object

Get the Metric ID

In the example below I will show you how to get it via the Technical Monitoring Setup.

  1. Go to the Work Center: SAP Solution Manager: Configuration  -> Technical Monitoring -> System Monitoring Scenario -> Step 4 Template Maintenance
  2. Select Template corresponding to your Managed Object (System, Instance etc). On the last tab of the template you can see what Managed Objects have the template applied.
  3. In the template select the tab Metrics
  4. Select metric that you wish to troubleshoot
  5. Select tab Others
  6. Write down "Metric ID" as shown in the figure below.

Execute the extractor in DEBUG mode

As described in the check Check the syslog (SLG1) in SAP Solution Manager for Errors after the Extractor Execution execute the extractor in debug mode

Check the table contents in SE16 for table E2E_DPC_RECEIVE

The metrics are only written to this table if the DPC extractor is in DEBUG mode.

  1. Go to SE16 and enter table name E2E_DPC_RECEIVE and hit enter
  2. Enter the metric id in "METRIC_TYPE_ID" field and hit execute

Then check the contents of the table to see if the metric was collected and if so what the measured value was:

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