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Check: DPC Pull ST Extractor is activated

The ST Extractor is the Solution Manager calling local ABAP function modules which collect information from the Solution Manager itself such as Early Watch Alert results and the E2E Change Analysis records. The following steps are generally applicable to any extractor.


  1. Navigate to Solution Manager Administration Work Center
  2. Select the  Infrastructure panel.
  3. Select the Alert Framework in the Framework menu.
  4. In the filter enter the Extended Context "ST"
  5. If the extractor does not exist then check the set up as shown in below in Link to Solution Manager Setup
  6. Check the Active Status column of the extractor and if it is showing a grey light bulb then it is not active as shown in the figure below:

How to reactivate

  1. Select the extractor
  2. Above the table of extractors select the pencil icon to go into mode edit
  3. Then select the "Activate" button to the right of the pencil as shown in the figure below:

Link in Solution Manager Setup

This extractor is created when doing the Basic Configuration of the Solution Manager:

Go to the Work Center: SAP Solution Manager: Configuration  -> Basic Configuration -> 5 Configure Automatically -> Activity "Setup Extractor Framework"

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