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Check: DB Extractors report no error

Steps to Checking

  1. Navigate to Solution Manager Administration Work Center
  2. Select the  Infrastructure panel.
  3. Select the Alert Framework in the Framework menu.
  4. In the filter select System ID and it is the extractor with TYPE  "Database"
  5. Check the last status of DPC PULL CORE extractor by selecting the Extractor Log:

Now Select the Extractor Log and look at the last execution to see if there are any errors in the log:

Link in Solution Manager Setup

This extractor is created when doing the System Monitoring setup of the Database System:

Go to the Work Center: SAP Solution Manager: Configuration  -> Technical Monitoring -> System Monitoring Scenario -> Step 6 Setup Monitoring

Logs and traces

It is possible to put the extractor in debug mode where the execution will write traces and errors to the Sys Log (Transaction SLG1). This is done in another check.

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